TCB Exclusive: Switch Shares ‘Symphony’ Success


The new EP by Life.Church’s Switch, titled Symphony (DREAM Records), is available for download everywhere music is sold. The six-song album was produced by Louis Biancaniello, Michael Biancaniello and Dameon Aranda. The title track, featuring Dillon Chase, was sent to radio stations in January and started gaining traction straight away. Immediately embraced by retailers as well, the title track has exceeded 5 million streams since its release on February 8. And just last month, DREAM Records announced that “Symphony (feat. Dillon Chase)” from Switch reached No. 1 on the Billboard Christian Hot AC/CHR chart and No. on the Hot CHR chart. Recently, members of Switch talked to us about their chart-topping single, favorite song to perform live and current musical inspirations.

Congratulations on the success of “Symphony (feat. Dillon Chase)”, which recently earned the No. 1 spot on the Billboard’s Christian Hot AC/CHR chart. Can you recall the inspiration for this track and what the songwriting process for this song looked like?
Thank you so much! When we sat down to write “Symphony,” we knew we wanted to write about things that would resonate with our church, and also with the global church. So, we told stories about people we know and the struggles they were going through. It felt like there was a common thread of chaos, whether it was problems in marriage, raising kids, loss, or unemployment. And as we wrote, we kept those specific people in mind to help us stay focused on what we wanted to share with them.
“Through all of this chaos, you are writing a symphony” was the lyric that brought everything together. Most of the lyrics followed quickly after that. We knew we wanted to save space in the bridge for a rap, and Dillon Chase ended up writing the perfect lyrics for the song. Other than the rap that came later, the song was fully written in three hours.

Why did you choose “Symphony” to represent your new record as a whole as the title track?
The song spoke to us immediately, even more than the other songs on the EP. Once the lyrics and melody all came together, it really wasn’t a question for us on what the EP would be called. We felt like the title and lyrics of Symphony really represent the collection of songs well. The entire EP speaks to God’s promises and how important it is to drown out what the world is shouting at us to focus in on Him and His peace, love, and grace.

How long was your new EP in the works? And, how did this process compare to your expectations?
We wrote five out of the six songs on the EP during a three-day writing trip. The exception was “Obsession,” which was written by our team before that. There was something special about the way the EP came together. We had such intentionality to incorporate stories from the people of our church and to lean into God’s truth for the lyrics. We were also very aware of the type of sound we were creating. We wanted to explore what you might hear on Top 40 radio while doing our best to still be original. The process exceeded any expectations we had. It truly was a work of God, and we’re humbled to be a part of it.

Which track was the most difficult to write or record?
“Heartbeat.” It’s not even close. That song went through a number of revisions before we got it to where we wanted it. Absolutely a labor of love! But we love how the lyrics compare the power of the Holy Spirit working inside us with something we’re all familiar with, a heartbeat: “You’re running through my veins, flowing through every part, completely changing me with every beat of your heart.” All the work was worth it to be able to encourage people to invite Jesus in and seek His purpose for their lives.

Which of the new songs is your favorite to perform live?
“Symphony” is so much fun for us to perform live. It works really well on stage with a full arrangement or as a stripped down acoustic version. One day, we’d love to play it with a full-blown orchestra! But even more than that, we love knowing God is moving through this song. When we sing it from stage, we can see He’s changing the hearts of the people in our church, and we’re just blown away to see how He’s using this song across the country. With all of that combined, singing the song is incredibly meaningful.

What is one key message that you hope listeners take away from this EP as a whole?
We want to remind people—whether they’re in a season of celebration or struggle—that there is love, hope, mercy, and grace in the name of Jesus. If you’re down, this truth can lift you up and keep you going, and if you’re up, it gives you all the more reason to praise and thank Him. All of the songs on the EP are weaved together to convey that simple but important message. Our prayer is when people listen, they’re filled with fresh hope and joy.

We talked earlier about the chart success of the title track. What would be your marker of “success” for this EP? 
Our mission is to reach as many people for Jesus as possible. Music is a universal language, and you can be singing along to something far before you realize what you’re really saying. I know people who are not believers that love the songs on this EP. The words and melodies become etched on their hearts before they know it. That’s success to us—reaching people, who might not have otherwise been reached, through the music. It’s really powerful. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be able to put these songs out in front of the masses.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations right now?
Together, we have pretty eclectic taste! A lot of us listen to Top 40 music, so our sound is influenced by what we hear there. But we can’t ignore the classic sounds that stand the test of time, like the Beatles. There’s so much great and inspiring music out there today, and honestly, we can find inspiration in anything we hear.

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