TCB Exclusive: Dave Pittman Previews New Album ‘Different Kind Of Love’


Singer/songwriter and former American Idol contestant Dave Pittman is set to bow his much-anticipated sophomore recording, Different Kind of Love, January 11. Produced by Jay Speight and Tyrus Morgan—whose combined production and writing credits include Trace Adkins, NewSong, Unspoken and Ginny Owens, among others—the seven song set features six original selections, along with a fresh arrangement of the beloved hymn “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” Recently, Dave was generous with his time and talked with us about what to expect from his sophomore release.

First off, congratulations on the upcoming release of your sophomore album, Different Kind of Love. What does it feel like to have this record almost released?
differentkindofloveThanks so much! It truly feels amazing. It’s been three-and-a-half years in the making, so we are happy to see it release!

How would you describe the sound of this album as a whole to brand new listeners?
I was born in the early ‘80s, so I really love and appreciate the pop sounds of that era. You’ll hear some of those electronic and programmed sounds in a few of these tunes. I loved listening to powerhouse vocalists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion in the ‘80s and ’90s—those are big influences for me. And Danny Gokey and Jordan Feliz are two current artists whose styles have been influential for me as well. I’m a sucker for catchy, rhythmic lyric and melody lines, so you’ll hear a lot of that on the project. I also enjoy the vibe of a good piano and cello ballad, and I think “Hope’s Song” represents that well.

Which song was the one that was most important to you to be included on this album?
“Different Kind of Love” for sure, because we live in such a self-love and self-focused culture. It was important for me to have a song that spoke about the true and real sacrificial love of my Savior.

If there is one message you hope people take away from listening to Different Kind of Love, what would it be?
Hope has been the main theme of my life’s journey. I’ve learned that our identity is not in what we do or don’t have, or in our past failures or successes, but in Christ alone. This is the heart cry of the record, because I want people to know that if they put their hope, trust and faith in Him—and not in earthly things— He will help pull them through their toughest times and give a peace that only He provides.

How was creating this project different than your first album, Crazy Brave?
It was different in many ways. ‘Crazy Brave’ happened quickly, as I had just come off American Idol. I wasn’t writing as much back then, so most of the songs were pitched to me from my producer. It didn’t feel quite as real as ‘Different Kind of Love’ does to me. This album has been a labor of love and it’s taken a long time to put together. I’m very proud of the lyrical and stylistic creativity—it feels more authentic to me and my artistry.

How has your previous experiences at Liberty University and American Idol affected your journey and this sophomore album?
At Liberty, I was part of a music group that toured and recruited for the university, which helped cultivate me professionally. Had it not been for my time there, I probably wouldn’t have made it on American Idol. The show taught me so much about what I did and didn’t want in my career and about the music and TV industry. Ultimately, both my time at Liberty and on American Idol have helped shape me as a singer, performer, person and artist. I’m so grateful to the Lord for those experiences.

What does it mean to you when people reach out to share how your music and your life story have inspired them?
To know that God is using my story of pain, perseverance and hope to first and foremost bring glory to Him, and also to help others, is absolutely humbling! Encouragement and exhortation are some of my spiritual gifts, so I can’t imagine not being in a vocation that helps point people to Jesus.

In addition to your January 11 release, what else are you looking forward to in 2019?
I’m really looking forward to a fresh start and spending more time with my wife.

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