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Switchfoot Sells Gear With Portion Of Proceeds To Benefit Band’s Foundation


Reverb.com — the online marketplace for buying, selling, and learning about music gear — and Switchfoot announced that The Official Switchfoot Reverb Shop will launch on Wednesday, February 7. The shop will feature guitars, bass guitars, drums, effects pedals, and more used by the Grammy-winning alternative rock band.

“We love gear — perhaps a little too much. And over the years, we’ve collected a lot of it,” said Jon Foreman, lead singer and guitarist for Switchfoot. “For some of these incredible finds, its time for them to find a new home.”

Among the items Jon will list in the shop is a 2005 Gibson Les Paul that can be seen in the band’s “We Are One Tonight” music video. The shop will also feature a 1991 40th Anniversary Les Paul that has been with guitarist Drew Shirley since he played in his first band, All Together Separate, in the late 1990s.

“This is a really special guitar,” Shirley said of the Les Paul. “It was the only Les Paul I owned for a long time, so I played it on everything. Every show, every recording, early Switchfoot days. This was all I played. I really love this guitar.”

The Official Switchfoot Reverb Shop will also include:

  • A 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior purchased by Shirley during the recording of Oh Gravity and played on every record since. According to Shirley, it was the first vintage guitar he ever bought.
  • A 2005 Lakland Bass that bassists Tim Foreman claims is the most in-tune, reliable bass you’ll ever find. “We have seen many things together,” Tim said of the bass guitar, which has been with him since the band was on tour to support its fifth studio album Nothing is Sound.
  • A Ludwig 1967 Vintage Supraphonic Snare Drum that was the primary snare used on the band’s first album The Legend of Chin. The first snare drummer Chad Butler ever owned, the drum’s sonic crack can be heard on “Chem 6A” and defined the drum sound for songs like “Company Car,” “Learning to Breathe,” “Gone,” “Love Alone is Worth the Fight,” and more.
  • A JHS Bun Runner that was created as a result of a collaboration between Shirley and JHS but is now out of production. The pedal was hand-painted by Shirley’s daughter.
  • A 1945 Vintage Martin 0-18 Acoustic Guitar owned by Jon Foreman and used in the band’s personal recording studio. According to Jon, it’s “one of the most playable vintage acoustic guitars you’ll ever get your hands on.”

A portion of the proceeds from The Official Switchfoot Reverb Shop will go to the Switchfoot Bro-Am Foundation, an organization dedicated to giving back to the San Diego community by heightening the profile of and providing grants to nonprofit organizations that provide services to homeless, at-risk and disadvantaged youth, with a special focus on programs related to music, art and surfing.

To preview the items for sale in the shop and view a video of the band discussing the gear, visit Reverb.com’s website

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