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Manafest Releases “Shine” Featuring Thousand Foot Krutch’s Trevor McNevan


Singer/rapper/songwriter/author/skater Manafest releases his third single today from Reborn, “Shine” featuring the signature rock vocals of longtime Manafest collaborator and Thousand Foot Krutch frontman, Trevor McNevan. The song joins lead single/video, “Let You Drive,” and the title track as immediate downloads available with each iTunes pre-order of Reborn.

Returning to his indie roots with Reborn, releasing Oct. 2 through The Fuel Music, and with tracks that mirror the hunger and predominant hip-hop flavors accompanying this versatile artist’s self-released debut a dozen years ago, Manafest’s “Shine” is about living each day to maximum capacity and ‘beaming your light’ along the way.

“My artist name, Manafest, means to shine a light in a dark place, and when something is made manifest, it’s because of the light,” says Manafest. “I believe life is a gift and we owe the debt of love and to shine as bright as we can while we have breath in our lungs. Trevor nails it with the metaphors in the chorus: ‘Shine in the light, glow in the dark, strike like a match on a burning heart.’ That’s what we do with our music in hopes of shining light into peoples’ lives when they’re in those dark moments.”

As “Shine” begins to beam its light around the world, “Let You Drive” continues to climb the Christian Hits radio chart as the multi-format single further garners “New and Active” status at Rock radio this week. The song features Manafest along with the pop/punk rhythms of guitarist Jerry McPherson (Jewel, The Neville Brothers) and drummer Miles McPherson (Paramore) and is about taking your hands off the wheel and knowing that God’s got everything under control.

The song “Reborn” is sort of a “Manafest meets Johnny Cash and Mumford & Sons” eclectic offering about starting over and having a second chance. “It’s like hitting restart, but without having to go back in time and start from the very beginning,” says Manafest. “This song is a confession that it’s not easy, and that we can all have doubts, but just don’t give into them. I fall down, but I rise and go!”

In addition to the musicians named above, joining Manafest in the process of creating Reborn are producers Seth Mosley (Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, Sanctus Real) and Joel Bruyere (Thousand Foot Krutch). Rappers Tedashii and Shonlock vibe alongside Manafest on “I Have A Dream,” a track that carries on the message of peace and unity that Martin Luther King, Jr. began. Former Family Force 5 lead vocalist Soul Glow Activatur (Solomon Olds) joins Manafest on the rhythmic party rocker “Stick To Your Gunz,” an all-out anthem for surviving the struggle and never going down for the count.

Taking the new music and messages of Reborn, along with his long list of fan favorites, on the road, Manafest launches his “Reborn Tour” Sept. 17 in Evansville, IN. The tour includes two events with Will Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, as well as an event with both Promise Keepers and Youth for Christ. See below for Manafest’s current touring schedule:

Manafest 2015 Tour:

  • Sep 12 Hanmer, ON Valley Pentecostal Church Canada

Reborn Tour Begins:

  • Sep 17 Evansville, IN West Side Christian Church
  • Sep 18 Tipp City, OH Tipp City Church of the Nazarene
  • Sep 19 Greenville, OH Illumination Festival
  • Sep 23 Maud, TX First Baptist Church
  • Sep 25 Russellville, AR Russellville Second Baptist Church
  • Sep 26 Coffeyville, KS Emmanuel Southern Baptist Church
  • Oct 02 Ottawa, ON Revolution 457 – Living Waters
  • Oct 03 Waterdown, ON Youth for Christ
  • Oct 06 Ajax, ON SouthSide Church
  • Oct 10 Silverado, CA Test Fest
  • Oct 11 Homeland, CA New Life Fellowship
  • Oct 16- Oct 18 Whitehorse, YK Billy Graham Tour Canada
  • Oct 24 Calgary, AB Bow Valley Christian Church (Promise Keepers); Speaking only
  • Oct 25 Lloydminster, AB Living Faith Pentecostal Tabernacle
  • Nov 13-15 Fort McMurray, AB Billy Graham Tour Dec 05 Parry Sound, ON The Stockey Centre

* Tour dates subject to change

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