John Tibbs Releases ‘Heartland’ EP Amidst Acclaim

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Singer/songwriter John Tibbs independently releases amidst wide acclaim today his Heartland EP on Windmill & Wave Records with Tone Tree Music distribution and Heritage (an imprint of Bethel Music) digital marketing. The EP is available now at iTunes, Amazon Music and other digital providers internationally.

The 5-song EP, with three additional acoustic performances, includes the title track, a reminder that neither war, famine, anger, disease or political division can overcome the love of God; “Won’t Let Me Go,” meant to encourage listeners to fearlessly follow their dreams; “Shepherd (feat. Sandra McCracken),” based on Psalm 23 and emphasizing the freedom found in faith; “Midwest Magic,” a love song inspired by Tibbs’ wife, Emily; and “Shots Were Fired,” a plaintive song of hope.

Along with hundreds of thousands of Facebook streams of the lyric video for “Shepherd” and lead single “Won’t Let Me Go,” Heartland is also garnering significant critical applause:

Heartland leans completely into this rare musical space, combining meaningful, heartfelt lyrics with anthems rooted in the titular region.” – CCM Magazine (4.5 Star review)

“Unabashed Midwesterner John Tibbs has released more authentic, epic and quality tunes in his short run as a professional songwriter than many artists will produce in a lifetime. Heartland brims with the kind of honest rock and roll that the late, great Tom Petty trafficked in, with the ‘heart-on-his-sleeve’ craftsmanship that creates an immediate bond with the listener on the first pass.” –

“With the Heartland EP, John Tibbs combines thought-provoking lyrics with his rock roots style. The captivating sonic landscape will keep listeners entertained song after song, indicating good things to come from Tibbs in the future.” – 

“The unique artistry of singer/songwriter John Tibbs sets him apart from many in today’s mainstream contemporary Christian music scene…the messages within Heartland speak volumes with captivating melodies and strong vocal performances as each track has the potential to strengthen your faith and relationship with Christ.” – Today’s Christian Entertainment

Playing the new music from Heartland along with his fan favorites while on tour, Tibbs also continues to be an advocate everywhere he travels for those who stutter. International Stuttering Awareness Day is this Sunday, Oct. 22, and Tibbs, who has had a stutter since he was six, exclaims, “I continue to share my struggle in hopes that it will bring freedom and hope to someone else!”

“I saw a lot of speech therapists growing up, and that was a helpful thing as a kid, but as I grew up it became unhealthy,” confesses Tibbs. “I put all my attention and effort into avoiding my stutter and I really was just isolating myself. I was afraid that it would be the only thing people would see in me. Fortunately, that hasn’t been the case and I’ve found a lot of freedom and self-value in being transparent.” 

“Growing up, the only examples I had of stutterers were serial killers on crime shows. Seriously – that’s it,” continues Tibbs. “I have since done a lot of research and found that a stutter is a super common trait, and so many folks have succeeded in the public eye despite it. I really want to be a part of normalizing it by pushing it into the public arena. I want to be an example for kids who have any sort of ‘disability’ (I use that word lightly). It’s something I really believe in, and if I could encourage folks in that … wow, that alone would make this whole thing worth it.”

Tibbs’ current tour itinerary follows:

10/28 – Palm Springs, CA; Our Savior’s Palm Springs
10/29 – Phoenix, AZ; The Refuge
10/29 – Phoenix, AZ; Arcadia City Church

11/1 – Westfield, IN (with Jonny Diaz); Reach Church, Tickets
11/2 -Holland, OH (with Jonny Diaz); PROCLAIM FM Event Center, Tickets
11/3 – Steubenville, OH (with Jonny Diaz); Steubenville Catholic Central High School, Tickets
11/4 – Hagerstown, MD (with Jonny Diaz), Ringgold Church, Tickets
11/5 – Lewes, DE (with Jonny Diaz), Holland, OH, St. Jude The Apostle Church, Tickets
11/17-11/19 – St Louis, MO; Church of God Youth Convention
11/30 – Jamestown, NY (with Josh Wilson), Real Life Church at The Willow Bay Theater, Tickets

12/1 – Rochester, NY(with Josh Wilson), Roberts Wesleyan College, Tickets
12/2 – Montgomery, NY (with Josh Wilson), Goodwill Church, Tickets
12/3 – Queensbury, NY (with Josh Wilson), New Hope Community Church, Tickets
12/15 -Grand Rapids, MN, The Reif Center, Tickets
* Tour dates subject to change.

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