Pat Barrett's Worship Nights Tour Shares God's Love

As a worship night enthusiast, I assumed an exciting evening awaited me when I set sail out of my own church-home comfort zone. I arrived with an expectant heart. Since I was familiar with Pat Barrett’s previous gigs, I was set on having an experience similar to those on his Housefires collaborations.

A majority of the entertainment came from meeting travelers from abroad. Complete strangers could become new friends during the time Barrett and his band offered both before and after their musical evangelism.

As hoped, and undoubtedly, Barrett gave the feel of a worship night at a local church. He was comfortable in his element, like a brother-in-Christ from your small town. There were no embellishments. A lavish wardrobe and complex set designs were the least of his concerns.

The energetic journey began with a lively groove in an open atmosphere. Throughout the evening, Barrett was highly interactive with the crowd, engaging them in a mutual response of eagerness.

The band on the platform only consisted of four members. A well-rounded music enthusiast would enjoy the highly talented electric guitarist, Benjamin Forehand, who effortlessly picked clean and crisp notes in every shred. Perfection in percussion, Harold Brown offered his flawless skills in the deep rhythm that maintained the evening’s momentum. The phenomenal keyboardist, Zac Brooks, empowered the fundamentals of every song. Of course, Pat Barrett persevered through the entire set-list playing his iconic acoustic guitar.

After years of experience, the four musicians have the talent to deliver spontaneity in an orderly fashion. Whether a sporadic Bob Marley tune or an old school hymn, the band is ready for whatever relevant, spur-of-the-moment, unrehearsed song Barrett chose. It is safe to assume that these types of jams were unscripted; maybe some of them were led by the Holy Spirit.

Barrett’s unwavering optimism was contagious as his upbeat stage presence invited others to get excited for a praise break. Captivated by the presence of God, Pat Barrett ignited a refreshing zeal as he used his gifts to share the love he had found in God through his personal journey.

One of the most gifted songwriters of our time, Barrett’s vocals graced the speakers with song lyrics that declare freedom and healing, with lavish expressions of admiration to the One everyone gathered to meet.

The songwriter’s charismatic joy had the potential to influence the lowliest, and it was passionate enough to compel the oppressed to a change of heart. Pat Barrett himself wrote the majority of the words that appeared on the screen. His lyrics were intertwined with Scriptures and a melody. The initial uplifting fun was followed by full concentration. Barrett delivered a purely vulnerable experience as he led his band with a bent ear to the Holy Spirit.

By using his ability to put his thoughts into words easily, Barrett intermittently delivered powerful narratives. His set-list was enlivened with a combination of sharing his faith in Christ, Bible stories, metaphors, and personal testimonial examples of the most common struggles of life. Barrett highlighted his most practical, down-to-earth problems that most folks could relate to on the daily. He integrated all of these concepts to share brief inspirational words of encouragement. Thus, he challenged the audience to remember the Words written on their own heart and to dive a little deeper into their personal encounter with the Lord.

Although the event was held at a church, most of the attendance was from non-members. Glancing around the room, it was easy to discern that several attendees had never expressed their hearts during a worship gathering. Perhaps, they came from a congregation that considers worship sessions to be a mundane task. At this event, not everyone worshiped the same. The worship pastor, Pat Barrett, acknowledged this, and gracefully encouraged the room.

Barrett recognized that we all identify with various denominations. Yet, he embarks on a quest of harmony to peacefully unite everyone on a single consensus, Jesus, the Cornerstone. Christ Jesus is the shared core value, which gives weight to Barrett’s co-written single, “Build My Life.”

The son of a pastor, he openly admitted that one of his heart’s desires is to share the essence of his religious upbringing. He was blessed to be rooted in a good foundation shared by a variety of people who differ, yet, unified as one church congregation, the Body of Christ. In this Worship Nights Tour, Barrett’s heart was to allow the Holy Spirit to tear down the dividing wall of denominations to worship Jesus in complete harmony. The simplicity of this foundation gave an even greater power by connecting Jesus’ heart with others. It was the prayer of Jesus that believers would have such perfect unity.

A father of three children, Pat Barrett has a selfless drive for each person to know God’s faithful love, forgiveness, and plan of redemption or simply to know God better than they did before. It is apparent that Barrett strives to help build and nurture others’ relationship with the Lord so they can experience the fullness of life with Jesus.

Because of his willingness to step aside and let the Holy Spirit be the director, an incredible encounter with Our Creator was possible, which filled the room with healing in a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. ​

In the final segment, Barrett shared his sincere hope in Christ and his passion for unity in worship. In the middle of a sea of people and with no microphone, he strummed on his acoustic guitar and allowed spontaneity to sail him to a center point in the sanctuary. He climbed up on a chair to be slightly elevated. It painted a worship scene similar to his resident Grace-Midtown. The final songs were familiar and sung in perfect harmony. This conclusion furthermore capitalized on the unified congregation. ​

After the final chord faded, the auditorium cleared. However, a fraction of people stuck around for a chance to offer their gratitude for the artists’ inspiration. Amid the patient circle, Pat Barrett seemed to forget that he had already played plenty of shows on this tour, met thousands of fellow Christians, and smiled for hundreds of photos. At that moment, he also seemed to forget his success with his solo releases, and the fact that he had toured the world, influencing millions.

Representing an authentic walk with God is to genuinely display the heart of Jesus. In that line of unfamiliar faces, Barrett gladly accepted every individual. He shook hands and made an effort to appreciate those heartfelt moments, while joyfully beaming with the shared feeling of unity in Christ that is firmly rooted in God’s love. To my surprise, despite his major success, he didn’t act conceited. Instead, Pat Barrett had sincerity as he displayed a humble heart that was completely yielded to the Lord.

That easygoing atmosphere migrated to the platform, where there was a ripple effect of graciousness from the band members and production techs packing up the set. The team of helpers who willingly sacrificed time away from home to bring the worship experience abroad was equally happy to meet the lingering patrons.

The Build My Life Worship Nights Tour has an incredible, obtainable goal of sharing God’s love. It’s led by a genuine worship pastor who has a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith.