Matthew West Pens A Deeply Personal Collection With 'Brand New'

Review Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.7 / 5]

The new album that fans have been waiting for from Matthew West, Brand New, officially releases February 14. The songs found on Brand New all encompass a deep and personal trust in God. The references in the lyrics range from testimonies of those Matthew has encountered to his own faith encounters.

Tracks from Brand New have already hit radio and been offered as pre-releases, so listeners have already gotten a taste of this album. "The God Who Stays" and the title track, "Brand New", are arguably the two with the furthest reach to date. Some of the tracks, like "Walking Miracles" and "Too Young, Too Soon" share of impactful stories and testimonies that have been shared with Matthew. Other tracks, like "The Me You Made", "Looking Up", and "Love On The Radio", provide a much more personal look into Matthew's heart and own testimony.

"Grace Upon Grace" has an energy that is focused into the ballad-like feel that progressively builds as the song plays. The instrumentation punctuate and highlight the lyrics.

Wave upon wave / of grace upon grace / endlessly washing / my sins away / I know that the only reason that I can stand here free from my shame / is wave upon wave / of grace upon grace upon grace


"Too Young Too Soon" is one of the tracks that begins with a testimony shared with Matthew about a young child named Sam. As the song continues, the verses continue sharing some of Matthew's testimony. The chorus's rhythm and melody are mirrored at the end with lyrics sharing Matthew's prayer for those, of any age, who are battling fears and insecurities inside.

Too young, too soon / This world lost you / Hearts break in two / too young, too soon

Be kind, speak love / go find someone / who needs a friend / reach out your hand / don't point, don't laugh / Life's too short for that / no cliques, start now / no one left out

After listening to the complete album, Matthew's ability to write lyrics that can impact and become personal to any listener is on full display. While the tempo and instrumentation may vary between tracks, the decision is made artfully and corresponds with the message being shared. Influenced by his own life story, Brand New is a deeply personal collection that is sure to bring listeners the opportunity to honestly examine their own hearts and take appropriate action.