Big Daddy Weave’s ‘When The Light Comes’ Delivers Songs Of Redemption

Review Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.5 / 5]

The new album that fans have been waiting for from Big Daddy Weave, When The Light Comes (Curb | Word Entertainment), officially releases September 13. The songs found on When the Light Comes all encompass a deep and personal faith in Jesus. Yet while it’s one thing to sing about trusting God in the midst of trials, the five members of Big Daddy Weave - Mike Weaver, Jay Weaver, Jeremy Redmon, Joe Shirk, and Brian Beihl - have each learned what it means to truly live by faith and to trust in a God who makes all things new. This cannot be demonstrated any fuller than pointing to the lyrics and songs from When The Light Comes.

When The Light Comes is full of songs that cry of redemption in Jesus alone. While we, as humans, are far from perfect, God is good and true and faithful to us regardless of any and all circumstances. “I Want To Tell The World”, “Your Love Changes Everything” and “Alive” are just a few of the tracks that more explicitly personify this message. “This Is What We Live For” and “The Name of Jesus” are two tracks that bring to mind a picture of audiences worshipping aloud on tour or festivals.


“Turn On The Light” opens with some of the more simple instrumentation on the album. The lyrics of this track paint a picture of pairing light and dark against God and humans. The lyrics of this track give a nod to other components of the album that show the same parallel, such as the album’s title. When the light comes / darkness runs away / and only what lives in the light can stay / When the light comes / nothing left to hide / so come out of the darkness / and turn on the light

The lyrics of “I Know” may be the most personal on this album. The two verses are a cry of not understanding sorrow and pain, of hurting hearts, and of unanswered prayers. But the chorus and bridge are a prayer that all can use for worship and praise in the midst of heartache:

I know that You are good / I know that You are kind / I know that You are so much more / than what I leave behind [chorus]

On my darkest day / From my deepest pain / Through it all, my heart, will choose to sing Your praise [bridge]

After listening to the full album, Big Daddy Weave and their message of faith has never seemed more relatable and accessible. While the band may play with their sound from track to track, their album’s inspiring message holds true and is woven throughout the project. This deeply personal collection is an honest and at times heart-wrenching record that ultimately brings to light the joy found only in Christ. Influenced by the band's own sorrow and struggles, When The Light Comes is a compilation of songs of redemption presented in a much-needed sound that only Big Daddy Weave could offer.