Tenth Avenue North Showcases Evolved Sound With 'No Shame'

Review Rating Rating: Must Listen [4.5 / 5.0]

Leading up to the release of Tenth Avenue North's newest collection, the pre-order tracks made available introduced a noticeably evolved sound from the multiple Dove Award winning band. No Shame is a compelling combination of this new pop sound with lyrics that convey a strong message. The No Shame collection at large is truly enjoyable and will get you out of your chair wanting to dance.

“No Shame”, the title track, features The Young Escape and skillfully ties up the main message of the collection – being honest with God and not keeping lies from Him can at first seem terrifying, but it is actually the most freeing thing we can do. It also features a new vibe for Tenth Avenue North as pop melody lines follow the catchy chorus that will certainly have you wanting to sing along, with no shame, of course!

You can expect to hear this evolved sound highlighted on upbeat tracks like “Heaven Is Now” and “Someone To Talk To” as well. The former starts with a fast piano synth and a cool drum beat. The lyrics spotlight a message about living for Jesus in the here and now. “Someone To Talk To” has almost a rap vibe to it along with a fun pop beat, and another set of compelling lyrics. This song talks about how in this world we will go through hard times, and how it’s okay to talk about these things and our feelings during those difficult moments. This message is really needed in today’s society and Tenth Avenue North delivers a home run with this song.

No Shame showcases two slightly slower songs in the middle of the album starting with “Greater Than All My Regrets”. This early single starts with a slower piano synth that beautifully ties in the message of No Shame – that even though in this life we have failed and sinned, God is still there to forgive us with no shame. The next song to mention is “The Future”. This track reminds us to focus on the here and now. These songs, while showcasing the new sound in a different light, still cling true to the strong message that Tenth Avenue North has been known to share with their fans, ever since the Over and Underneath days.

Overall, No Shame continues to showcase masterclass message-driven tracks that Tenth Avenue North is known for while also introducing an evolved musical style that is sure to be welcomed by listeners. Not only are the melodies beautifully strung together, but the lyrics are also deep and help tie in the powerful messages that Tenth Avenue North wants to share on this record. You’ll be sure to have this album on repeat, so go download it today.