Newsboys United Impresses With Historic New Album

Review Rating: 4.8/5 [Must Listen!]

GRAMMY-nominated, Platinum-selling Newsboys have been a powerhouse group in CCM for generations, with some lineup changes along the way. Now, former members Peter Furler and Phil Joel have joined forces with Michael Tait, Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein and Jody Davis in a stellar combination of musicians. United, the history-making full-length recording dropped this week from FairTrade Services. The 10-song set was produced by Furler and Geoff Duncan and features four selections co-penned by Furler.

Starting off the album is the collection's lead single “Greatness Of Our God.” This song does a great job of combining the feel of traditional Christian music with a contemporary feel that sets this recording apart from most today. “Not even the grave could hold Him down, there is only one king who could save the day.” Those lyrics hold so much meaning and truth in just one sentence. The beat behind the lyrics packs a punch that fits the song perfectly without overpowering what the song is about.

There are ten songs on this album that all have just as much to say as the title track. “Fearless” has a slower feel with a beat that builds as the song continues on. “Through it all I, know I am not alone, I am fearless in your presence.” This song features both Tate and Furler as vocalists and hits right at the heart of listeners who have traveled on uncertain roads in life.

“Set Me Ablaze”, the last song on the album, sounds very different from anything else on the record. Furler starts off the vocals with a fiery passion for the Lord that you don’t hear very often. The quiet beat puts a special focus on the lyrics. You may have heard these words of Mia Fieldes, Bryan & Katie Torwalt and Jacob Sooter before, but never with such a compelling arrangement.

There is so much that Newsboys United packed into this new project and not enough words to describe how passionately they sing and play for the Lord. In classic Newsboys style, this new album features truth-filled lyrics presented in creative sounds. The Newsboys continue to evolve their musical identity and come up with new and engaging ways to present the timeless truths of Jesus Christ.