Mallary Hope Encourages, Comforts And Impresses With 'Out Of My Hands'

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.8 / 5]

You may not be too familiar with the name Mallary Hope, but that will change once you hear her debut full-length album Out Of My Hands, set to release this Friday, April 26. The Georgia native’s composition skills have already received high acclaim, as she has helped write top hits for popular music artists such as Faith Hill, Lauren Alaina, and Danny Gokey. With Out Of My Hands, Hope declares she is ready to step out on her own and tell her own story. Pop with a side of country, the 17-track album is an extremely pleasing, uplifting and encouraging repertoire. Hope’s vocals are phenomenal, and her messages are positive and inspiring. Regarding her driving focus for the album, Hope shares, “Our worth and identity are not rooted in what we do. Our worth and identity are rooted in God and who He created us to be.”

outofmyhandsHope immediately sets the stage with the first track, “You Will Make A Way,” starting with an energetic, coursing intro that leads into a perfect radio hit. The catchy chorus pops open and Hope’s voice starts an easy cascade explaining that no matter our situation, God will make a way. She details many amazing things Jesus did, like big miracles and small moments, as she leads into a chorus where accompaniment takes a backseat and her vocals fill with emotion and power.

Another immediate hit is found in the album’s title track. With a relaxed tempo and simple hits on the beat, Hope explains how she tries to take control of situations, only to find them destroyed, and realizes everything is better when in His control. Joined by only simple accompaniment, her sweet vocals on "Out Of My Hands" carry sustained notes in the first chorus, an undeniable hands-raised anthem.

Hope’s emphasis on worth and identity takes center stage for a few specific tracks, such as “Looking Back At Me.” The song is a reflective message Hope shares as if she is speaking to her younger self. Guitar and piano use light, quickened strumming and chords to begin the tune, as the lyrics unfold to share comforting messages. Hope encourages others to chase dreams and ignore the doubters, that trials and troubles are temporary, and that there is purpose in pain. In a sweet, touching twist, Hope uses the last chorus to share these messages with her daughters.

In “Me,” Hope declares we can unapologetically be ourselves with God. Piano chords and synth tones carry the intro into the first verse, as Hope thinks of all the ways she could be different, until realizing that doesn’t matter to God. The synth drops out for the first chorus, leaving blocked chords on piano behind her strong, beautiful vocals, exclaiming we can come to Him honest, fearless, and unashamed.

Mostly a pop album, some songs carry a country footprint that showcases Hope’s Georgia roots. “Home To The Water” starts with an easy melody on guitar and light percussion that carry through the whole tune. Hope uses the lyrics as a direct dialogue from God, comforting us and asking us to put our faith in Him. The relaxed accompaniment, the sweet harmony and the crystal clear lead vocals make for a quintessential country tune. Conversely, Hope uses an edgy vocal tone over an energetic, driving introduction in “Walking With The Light.” As the tempo beats on, the lyrics defiantly proclaim there is no need to be afraid, even in the unknown or on our darkest days, because God always walks with us.

Out Of My Hands is impressive. The album boasts many immediate hits and inviting anthems. Every lyric contains a comforting, positive message, giving listeners a repertoire to reference in the midst of life when encouragement is needed. Hope’s vocals are strong, sweet, perfectly on pitch- they soothe, impress and soar with every step. At times, her skillful tone and the album’s musical vibe share similar moments with the likes of fellow CCM artist, Meredith Andrews. Though Hope has already experienced great success as a song writer, it is clear she has achieved what she set out to do with Out Of My Hands, making the first confident step (of hopefully many to come) forging her own path.