Meredith Andrews’s 'Faith And Wonder (Live)' Is A Captivating Worship Experience

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.8 / 5]

Extremely talented worship leader, songwriter, and vocalist Meredith Andrews invites the world to join her in worship today when she releases Faith And Wonder (Live). This project, Andrews’s first ever live EP, showcases a special night of congregational worship that was recorded last September in her downtown Nashville church, The Belonging Co. “More than anything, I wanted this project to honor Jesus,” shares Andrews. “It was an opportunity to get in a room full of people, sing these songs over and with them and encounter the presence of God together.”

faithandwonderAndrews was certainly in a room full of talented people, as many others came together to help create this project. To start, Andrews’s husband, Jacob Sooter, produced the EP and co-wrote 5 of the songs. The impressive list of additional co-writers and collaborators includes Phil Wickham, Mia Fieldes, Hank Bentley, UPPERROOMS’s Abbie Simmons and Cody Ray Lee, Bethel Music’s Steffany Gretzinger, The Belonging Co.’s Andrew Holt, and Vertical Worship’s Tyler Miller and Eddie Hoagland. Andrews also credits her home church family for supplying some of the crew and production team, as well as the live audience.

“A Million Saints,” the debut single, was co-written with fellow contemporary Christian musician and worship leader Phil Wickham. The tune starts out with uplifting energy that takes shape as Andrews enters, marveling at the wonders of God. As usual, Andrews’ vocals are pitch perfect and crystal clear, and they beautifully blossom and cascade in the chorus as she exclaims God is holy. The song is a quintessential, inviting worship song, and you’ll be singing along before it ends. About this tune, Andrews shares, “It’s a picture of heaven to me, all of us joining in and singing, 'God, You’re holy.' It’s not just about me or my community. It’s the church of the world, all nations and all generations singing the same thing, lifting up one name.”

Just as impactful is the EP’s title track, which starts out slow and steady with a blocked chord introduction. Simmons, a featured vocalist in this song, carries in the first verse and introduces the listener to the tune’s signature, repeated call- “There is power in the name of Jesus.” Climbing up and down the scale, this phrase is mentioned after the first verse but isn’t fully explored until the bridge, where it starts out soft and introspective and develops into an exclamation of celebration. This song uses examples of imagery to marvel at the power of God.

Another immediate hit is “Have To Have.” The song starts slow with simple tones and an airy, synth background accompaniment. Andrews commands the first verse and chorus with graceful strength and perfect tone, eventually joined by featured vocalist Holt in a perfectly calculated and pleasing harmony. While the melody washes over the listener and inspires an attitude of praise, the lyrics confess our heart’s deepest desire for God.

Listening to this EP immediately brings the presence and comfort of God. It transforms your surroundings into a sanctuary and extends the worship experience to wherever you are. Andrews’s voice is angelic and perfectly controlled, bringing sweet emotion to moments of quiet reflection and unquestionable strength to heavenly exclamations. Faith And Wonder (Live) is an extremely successful collaborative and will surely go from release to repertoire in church worship bands across the country.