Jody McBrayer’s 'Christmastime' Soulful And Meaningful

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

GMA Dove awarded Jody McBrayer’s incredibly unique voice is showcased in a brilliant Christmas album that is filled with classic hymns, contemporary songs, and new music that is sure to get you in the mood for this holiday season. This album has a jazz spin to each song, and that’s just what makes it unique from all of the other Christmas albums. For Jody McBrayer, with this album being his first ever Christmas album, this is definitely positive news.

“Imagine This Christmas” which is the first track on the album, invokes all feelings of Christmastime, musically and lyrically. The message behind this song is about hoping for a “world without hurt” and giving each other “love and respect and good cheer.” This song is very powerful and hopeful.

When I first listened to “O Come All Ye Faithful” on Christmastime by McBrayer, I was totally not expecting the jazz groove that is featured on this song. It’s definitely not a version I have heard before, but I absolutely love it! The vocal riffs at the end of the song are quite amazing. McBrayer’s talent shines!

“What Child Is This” is also a very unique version of a Christmas traditional. McBrayer executes this song in a very tender way, but also finds a place for cool piano riffs and a light drum beat in the background, which ties up the whole song. Not much is needed musically because McBrayer’s voice sustains throughout the entire song.

“Ave Maria/O Holy Night” is a beautiful medley of two Christmas favorites. This song, again, doesn’t require much instrumentally besides the piano, but McBrayer’s voice does the trick for the course of both songs, especially since the first song is in a different language. The music behind McBrayer’s fantastic voice is soft and quiet, which contributes to the theme of the two songs. McBrayer’s vocals on this song are spectacular, as they are on the whole album.

“Last Christmas” is a smooth song and amazing cover of the popular George Michael song. This is one of my favorite songs, and I can definitely tell you that I will have McBrayer’s version on repeat, from now until after Christmas! Again, the only instruments used really are piano and drums, but as always, what else does Jody McBrayer need, when his awesome vocals sell the song!

Big congratulations to Jody McBrayer on releasing his first complete Christmas album and by what I’ve heard, it will certainly do well. Overall, his vocals really steal the show, and I also really like that his voice is not overcrowded by too many instruments. Be sure to pick up Jody McBrayer’s album for the holidays!