Austin French "Why God" Music Video

Singer/songwriter Austin French has debuted the music video for his new radio single "Why God." The track was featured on French's critically acclaimed debut album, Wide Open, which dropped in September 2018.

Austin shared the meaning behind this song in a recent post on social media: Why God? That’s the question I asked when the doctors told me that my dad may not live another day. I remember in that season feeling like such a bad Christian, like I wasn’t allowed to ask that question. Then I became a dad and a little boy started asking those “Why Daddy?” questions, and he didn’t always understand the answer. What he did understand is that he could ask me anything, and I wanted every single question especially the hard ones. It was there that God showed me that he’s not afraid of my hard questions either, and that asking “Why God?” didn’t make me a bad Christian. It made me a kid, and he’s my dad.

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