TCB Exclusive: Seventh Day Slumber Performs "Alive Again"

Closer To Chaos, the much anticipated new studio recording from seminal Christian rockers Seventh Day Slumber, is set to bow May 31. Debuting on RockFest Records—the groundbreaking label founded by Seventh Day Slumber frontman Joseph Rojas last year—Closer To Chaos finds the group returning to their melodic rock roots with a collection of 10 brand new songs. Since its release as an album instant grat, lead Christian and mainstream rock single “Alive Again” has been climbing the charts and connecting with listeners across genres. Just hours before the album's release, Seventh Day Slumber performed an acoustic rendition of the hit single in this TCB exclusive.

"Everybody deals with stress and to me that song was a lot about stress," Seventh Day Slumber’s Jeremy Holderfield shared in speaking about the message behind the track. "I was working on the album, producing and recording it, and also at the same time I was booking a tour. And I have a brand new baby at home. So there was a lot of stuff going on, and me trying to balance everything felt like the visual of spinning plates on sticks, and I felt like the plates were falling off a lot. I had written the music, but I didn’t want to just throw anything out there for the lyrical content. So that came out naturally when I started talking about stress and when you can’t get anything right. We all feel those things, and it just came together. It’s a song that feels good when you’re listening to it, it’s fun to listen to, and also the lyrical content is real to everybody. Being in this industry, there is a lot of stress trying to mold ministry and music and business altogether at the same time and balance it all."

You can pre-order Closer To Chaos on iTunes today. Stay tuned for a must-see interview with the band as they dive into the stories behind this deeply personal record.

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