Vertical Church Band "Frontiers" Music Video

Vertical Church Band released their latest project, Frontiers, last Friday. While they had previously released music videos for "1000 Tongues" and "Exalted Over All," the official music video for "Frontiers" just went live. Check it out below!

As an arm of Harvest Bible Chapel’s worship ministry, Vertical Church Band’s original songs can be heard in the 138 churches across the world and 80 network churches across the United States.

The group has sold more than 75,000 albums and has more than 20 songs in the Top 2000 on the CCLI chart including their songs “Open Up The Heavens,” “Lamb of God,” and “The Rock Won’t Move.” The single “Open Up The Heavens” was a Top 15 radio single and is currently a Top 25 CCLI song. Vertical Church Band strives to write the heartbeat of the church and record songs that their church needs to hear in this time and place.

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