Jody McBrayer "This Is A Son" Music Video

CCM artist Jody McBrayer has released a moving new music video for "This Is A Son," the first single off his StowTown Records debut, Keep Breathing. Reflecting on his new track, Jody shares: "While it speaks specifically of a man who has found himself outcast and on the brink, it's actually a metaphor for all of us. I think we can all relate to feeling unloved, unlovable, cast aside and even forgotten at some point in our lives. Usually because we've made horrible decisions or been forced into tragic circumstances."

"As you watch and look into the faces of these men, women and children..think about how blessed you are and what you can do to help those in your area who are homeless or struggling," he adds.

McBrayer, co-founder and former member of the award winning group Avalon has set out on his own music venture. With his signature vocals, McBrayer brings an album that crosses musical boundaries with lyrics that are relatable to all audiences. Our own Sarah Baylor applauded the record, writing: "Keep Breathing displays Jody McBrayer’s unique vocal range and abilities...The message that Jody shares is powerful and comforting...McBrayer has done a fantastic job on this album!" Be sure to purchase Keep Breathing on iTunes today!

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