Danny Gokey "Give Me Jesus" Live Video

Danny Gokey is back with another special live performance video from his new holiday album, Christmas Is Here. Check out the "Give Me Jesus" video below. "Words can't even begin to express what this song means to me," Danny says. "From the first time I heard Vince Gill sing it, I knew I wanted to record my own version of it. Its simple yet profound, and when I looked into the history of the song, I found that it was written by African slaves in centuries past who had clung to the only hope of mankind, Jesus."

He continues, "They may have had nothing to show for on this earth, but they had eternity secured. It seems with all the comforts, freedoms and technological advancements that our modern day has to offer that we have everything that could possibly make us happy. But it's only made us shallow, grow further apart, and unhappy. Whether you have everything or whether have nothing, Jesus is the 'secret' that allows you to be exuberantly happy in either scenario."

Gokey, well known for his mega hit singles “Hope in Front of Me” and “More Than You Think I Am”, brings his own style and flair to a new holiday album. In addition to featuring a few brand new songs, the record is full of holiday classics like “White Christmas,” “Mary Did You Know?,” and “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Each song is unique from past versions because his unparalleled voice and musical style bring such a soulful and powerful flavor to each track. Read more of our review of the album here. And, be sure to download a copy of Christmas Is Here on iTunes today.

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