Jon Foreman "Before Our Time" Music Video

Jon Foreman released his fourth and final EP of The Wonderlands collection, entitled Dawn, this fall. One of the songs featured on this latest EP is titled "Before Our Time" and Jon recently released a pretty cool music video to accompany the track.

"'Before Our Time' is a song that tries to capture the beautiful urgency of our time here on the planet. I want my time here to count - singing into the moment, seeing each day as a gift to be lived before our time runs out," Jon explains.

"This video came about just like that, as an unexpected gift. My friend Carl Diebold saw that we were playing a show in Nashville, and called me up: 'I got a camera, let’s film something great!' A few days later I was singing on the streets of Nashville. I sent out a tweet to see if anyone wanted to be in the video with me. And a few hours later a bunch of folks joined us there in Centennial park. The beautiful chaos of our spontaneous video shoot embodies what I love about life and music: anything can happen!"

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