Mac Powell's Wife Aimee Hospitalized With Brain Bleed

Please join us in praying for Mac Powell's wife Aimee who has been hospitalized with a brain bleed.

Mac took to social media to ask for prayers and support on Saturday, November 30th with a post that read: "Y’all please pray for my love, Aimee! Early this morning her head was hurting terribly. I called 911 and the ambulance took her to a local hospital. After a CT scan they found bleeding on her brain and believe it is an aneurysm. She is going through a procedure right now to find the problem. The doctors seem optimistic. Please pray!!!"


Mac Powell is best known in CCM for being the frontman of Grammy-winning, multi-platinum selling Third Day. After the group disbanded in 2018, Powell joined with his musical "brothers" who had been recording and playing live with him in support of his other solo projects to form a new group called Mac Powell And The Family Reunion.

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