Compassion Live Presents Jennie Allen's 2020 Tour

Compassion LIVE presents the Bible teacher, author and visionary Jennie Allen's 2020 "The Get Out of Your Head" tour. Joining Allen on this special night will be New York Times best-selling author Jefferson Bethke and worship leader Davy Flowers. The evening will be based off of Allen's forthcoming book, Get Out of Your Head, which will be available in January 2020. See below for the complete list of cities.

"Every single one of us is facing a war in our minds, stuck in toxic thoughts we can’t break free from," shares Jennie Allen. "These nights are a chance to say ‘no more!,' to let God’s Word speak into these places in our lives where we’re living stuck, ineffective, and alone. Let’s worship together, ground ourselves in truth, and walk out freer than ever before."

On this tour, Allen will share Biblical viewpoints to discover how to submit our minds to Christ - to surrender every thought to Jesus. It will be an evening of worship and teaching that will walk you through Scripture and give you practical tools to stop the spiral of toxic thoughts and realize the God-given power you have over them.

"People can expect a night of leaning into what the scriptures say about what makes us whole," shares author and speaker Jefferson Bethke. "So many of us are running and chasing in so many frantic directions, but what if the path of life isn't just what Jesus did but the pace and cadence Jesus had?"

Supporting the evening topics and discussions will also be a time to worship with Davy Flowers, who is thrilled to be standing alongside Allen and Bethke as well as Compassion International.

"Genuine discipleship is marked by a life of taking action," shares Davy Flowers. "Faith expressing itself through love on every level, in every sphere and every space. Compassion International has so gloriously and faithfully displayed that reality in their ministry through the years. To say that that I am honored and over the moon to be a part of this movement through this particular tour doesn’t feel like good enough words. I am expecting God to move, and I am expecting every heart willing to respond to be radically impacted by the message of Christ's fierce love reaching every part of our souls and every corner of this world."

March 26, 2020 // Charlotte, NC // First Baptist Charlotte
March 27, 2020 // Knoxville, TN // Chillhowee Hills Baptist Church
March 28, 2020 // Greensburg, PA // Word of Life Church
March 29, 2020 // Rochester, NY // Browncroft Community Church
April 02, 2020 // Anderson, IN // Madison Park Church of God
April 03, 2020 // Elizabethtown, KY // Severns Valley Baptist Church
April 04, 2020 // Jonesboro, AR // First United Methodist Church (Wesley Hall)
April 05, 2020 // Denton, TX // First Denton

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