Rend Collective Kids Releases "My God's The King Of Me"

Rend Collective has released another new song for the whole family under the ministry Rend Collective Kids.  "My God's The King Of Me" can be heard below and follows the Kids debut with "FUN" earlier this month. These songs are part of the collective's SPARKLE. POP. RAMPAGE. album which is set to drop on August 30th. You can pre-order the Rend Collective Kids debut album here.

"King of Me" is a song we wrote to remind our kids AND ourselves of some of the great Bible stories we might have heard way back in Sunday school. But this isn’t nostalgia - those stories are more than just history. They tell us that TODAY, the God who slayed a giant with David, tamed lions for Daniel and sent a creature from the deep to save Jonah, is ready to do the same for us. That’s why we say “My God’s the King of me!” For a wee touch of nostalgia we made this video using handcrafted felt characters, as a throwback to the felt boards we remember from children’s church. Anyone else got fond memories of those? Enjoy. - Rend Collective

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