Spencer Kane Releases New Single "This Is The Intro”

As a follow up to his July 2016 self titled debut album, “KANE”, fan favorite and online social media personality, Spencer Kane, announces the release of his fourth studio single in 2017, “This is the Intro”. Accompanied by a cinematic music video directed by fellow Nashville artist and film director, Carson Butcher, the R&B / Hip Hop song is a slight departure from his traditional Pop R&B vibe.

thisistheintro“'This Is The Intro' is probably my favorite release to date, with 'Get To Know Ya' close behind. These two tracks feel like me” said Kane about the new release. He continued, ”My debut solo album Kane was a great stepping stone in finding my sound and vibe, but these new songs better represent my feelings and the me I have been wanting to share creatively. In a music industry with so many filters, opinions, and formulas for success, it gets hard to create true artistic expression. With this new single, I want listeners to know they're hearing directly from me... not, a filtered or directed Spencer Kane. This is what I feel. This is what inspires and gives me butterflies. That's what I want people to hear.”

Kane added that the Christian music industry has historically been cautious about embracing songs and artists who don’t necessarily fit the traditional faith based radio format. “The aggressive tones and hype feels are all woven into my lyrics. Some get caught up in tailoring music art to fit a genre or audience, and that's not what this song is. I don't know who this song is for. Honestly, I don't really care. I wrote it to be free of other's opinions or judgement. This is what I feel called by God to do, and if that means paving my own path, no matter the resistance, that's what I'm going to do”, he added.

Throughout 2017, Kane has released other singles with the same sentiment in mind. The extreme R&B single titled "Love" addresses the angst of unrequited love. The acoustic ballad "This Is It" was written for Kane’s best friend and cousin Evan’s wedding. The vocals-centered song has steadily become a fan favorite based on its climb into his top 10 all time songs on Spotify. He also released the fun pop track "Summertime," produced by David Thulin, and more recently the technically dynamic vocal song "Get To Know Ya." The song was Kane’s first solo attempt at vocal producing and arranging.

Kane joined the popular band Anthem Lights in February 2016 and has been working hard with his fellow band members, releasing close to 100 songs ever since. Paving their own path in a difficult music industry as an independent group, they’ve managed to garner a number 1 album in 2017 (Hymns) along with a number 1 single ("Just Be You" feat. Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty), and the first new original album (Painted Skies) with Kane in the group. The debut of the album in early October 2017 garnered a top 30 spot in overall genres on iTunes. Currently on the LIVE ORIGINAL tour with Sadie Robertson, Hollyn, Stephen Malcom and his bandmates from Anthem Lights, Spencer takes days off between dates to continue growing his craft with Anthem Lights as well as his solo releases.

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