Natalie Grant Recovering After Thyroid Surgery

Natalie Grant is recovering in a Nashville area hospital this evening after undergoing surgery today to remove half of her thyroid, where two growing tumors were recently discovered. Grant's husband, Bernie Herms, posted the above photo this evening along with an update that read: "Natalie is awake and her surgeon said everything went perfectly. Hallelujah! God is faithful and kind. Thanks for your prayers. We are so grateful for your love and support." 

As a result of the surgery, Natalie was forced to cancel her shows and special appearances from mid October through the end of November to focus on recovery. Long known for her openness and transparency with her fans, Grant posted a personal video on social media as news of her health scare broke, asking for prayer. “These are more than just fans to me. I have an army of prayer warriors around the world who have rallied with me many times through the years, and I know this time will be no different,” says Grant.

Natalie posted another video on social media this morning during her car ride to the hospital where she reiterated her appreciation for all the support from the CCM community. "As I head into the hospital and head into surgery, my heart is full to overflowing from the encouragement and the prayers that I have received...I am overwhelemed by the love and beauty of the family of God...Your faith has strengethened my own...I am nervous, but I am not afraid because my God has already gone before me."

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