Sanctus Real Releases "Changed" Early To Help Hurricane Harvey Relief

To help those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey, Sanctus Real is wanting to do their part to help, and they are asking for your help too. Today the band announced they are offering their upcoming single, "Changed," two weeks early to their fans in hopes to raise money to directly help the families and community of Rockport, Texas. The band was originally scheduled to perform in Rockport at Seafair on October 15.

changed"Watching a town we are scheduled to perform in later this Fall get hit by Hurricane Harvey caused us to want to find a way to help immediately," Sanctus Real's Chris Rohman shares. "In the midst of such tragedy we thought that offering our song 'Changed' would be a great way to encourage others that any amount, no matter how big or small, can make an impact for a town like Rockport, Texas. We hope that by giving away a not-yet-released song can help encourage our audience to give to such a needed cause." "Changed" is officially scheduled to release on Sept. 12.

To receive "Changed" as well as their current single "Safe In My Father's Arms," please visit Every amount donated, whether big or small, will go straight to the people of Rockport, TX.

Find out more by visiting the town's website, which features all of the latest information about their relief efforts, a Go Fund Me page as well as letters from the city's mayor.

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