Big Daddy Weave's Jason Weaver Walks Into Home With Crutches

On May 31st 2016, Big Daddy Weave's bassist Jason Weaver was taken to the hospital on a stretcher by EMS. He went on to require bilateral foot amputations to curb off serious infections. And, in the days and weeks following, underwent several additional surgeries and hyperbaric oxygen treatments. But in a major milestone on his road to recovery, Jay walked into his home yesterday with the assistance of crutches.

Jason's friends and family have been sharing updates on his progress on the Pray For Jay Facebook page.  Last month, they shared a photo of Jay standing with the use of check sockets, a king of plastic prosthetics. In September, Jay returned to the stage for the first time since surgery, appearing at the Christian Music Broadcasters where Big Daddy Weave was honored with the Rich Mullins Artist Impact Award for their long-time contributions to the music and ministry of Christian Radio. Since then, he has been performing along with the rest of the band on their Set Free Tour, which kicked off in late January 2017.

Please continue to join us as we pray for Jason, and all those suffering in body, mind and spirit. #PrayForJay

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