Danny Gokey Partners With Fellow "American Idol" Jordin Sparks On New Track

"American Idol" alum and vocal powerhouse Danny Gokey released his fourth studio album, Rise, on Friday, January 13th. The album features its first single, the title track, which is already poised to be one of Gokey’s biggest to date. But Rise not only boasts Gokey’s incredible vocal prowess and range, it features his emerging talent as a songwriter on all but two of its songs. It’s never been more evident that Gokey is an artist with much to say, drawing upon the highs and lows of his own life experiences that he shares openly with his fans. 

“I wanted to create an album that not only challenged me musically, but that connected with people in an honest and sincere way,” said Gokey. “I wanted to use the peaks and valleys of my life’s experiences to create a feeling through the music, while conveying a message of optimism through its lyrics. I’m hoping that it resonates with everyone that takes the time to listen.” 

Gokey's new album also sees him partnering with "American Idol" Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks. The two team up on a track called "Chasing." Listen to this new song below and be sure to purchase Rise on iTunes today.

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