Jason Gray Announces Engagement

Congratulations are in order to Jason Gray and Jaclyn Angotti. Over the last week, Gray, one of Christian music’s premiere singer/songwriters has shared on social media his journey from divorce to finding love again.

"I never imagined my marriage would end in divorce, and as I began to see it unravel over the course of several years, I was filled with such fear, pain, and confusion that when it was all said and done I felt like I myself had unraveled along with it. After the divorce was finalized, I checked myself into a counseling center in TN to try to understand my own life and get enough healing to begin to move forward. I came out of that time feeling like I could breathe again," Gray explained.


He continued, "Though I love and believe in marriage, I also felt like maybe I wouldn’t get married again. At the very least I wouldn’t 'date' for a year. It seemed like a good plan. About three weeks later a woman walked into my life who woke something up in me. I argued with God about it for a good while, but over time decided that my resistance had more to do with fear than anything else—fear of being hurt again. Fear of causing hurt—and I decided that I didn’t want to give fear that kind of power in my life."

"So I agreed to get coffee with this sweet woman who had come out of a painful relationship of her own and was as scared as I was. But the coffee was good and so was the conversation and so we decided to keep talking and walking together, a step at a time," Gray added.

"As I introduced her to people in my life, a friend said, 'I think you’re able to connect because you’ve both experienced enough pain to be able to relate to each other.' I thought this was insightful and true. Jaclyn says it even better when she says she believes our experiences 'carved us out for each other.' As we’ve walked together healing has come to both of us in ways we wouldn’t have predicted and that we wouldn’t have had access to on our own. It has been as frightening as it has been sweet.  I’ve wanted to shout her name from the mountain tops since I first met her, but for many reasons—some wise, some fearful—I have been pretty private as our relationship developed over the last year. But I’d rather not keep her to myself any longer." 

Jason has since posted a photo of Jaclyn with a ring and the caption, "she said yes." Congratulations Jason and Jaclyn!

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