Kelly Glow Gives The Forgotten A Voice On "Show Me The Way"

During this information age what about the forgotten subcultures in society: the blind, the deaf and the stolen? In her latest single, "Show Me the Way," Kelly Glow gives voice to the voiceless through clever storytelling from their perspective.

Imagine what it would be like to switch shoes with one of them and then dive into a melodic, spiritual journey. This song has a unique blend of acoustic sounds, soulful singing, and smooth lyrical delivery. The underlying inspirational content of this track is rather timely for the myriads of people feeling discouraged and needing direction during these seemingly wayward times. Reminiscent of Eminem's hit single "Stan", Kelly Glow offers a fresh, universal sound.

"Show Me The Way" is available now on iTunes.

Audio: Kelly Glow "Show Me The Way"

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