TheBeatbreaker Releases New Single "TheBottom" Featuring Lecrae + Derek Minor

With the climate that’s happening in our society, Nate theBeatbreaker Robinson is excited to release his Sophomore Album – Heard Not Seen 2. HNS2 is intended to address real issues that so many people can relate to. The first single from the upcoming album is “theBottom” featuring Lecrae and Derek Minor. This intensely rhythmic track gives more than just an undeniable beat but the lyrics speak life into power of inner strength. Everyone has been at the bottom but not everyone came up from it. This is the real key. The chorus sings:

"Put me in a loose-loose man Ima win either way...started from the bottom now we got em tell em that we here to stay...and even if they take it all away...Ima win either way, we gon be straight. I CAME UP FROM THE BOTTOM!"

Yes, this is their story and the story of so many others including you. Pre-order today, and instantly get "theBottom" ft. Lecrae + Derek Minor. PLUS instantly receive the "theSea" ft. Lizi Bailey.

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