Jason Weaver Discharged From Hospital

On Tuesday, Big Daddy Weave's Jason Weaver had his first post-hospital doctor's visit, after being discharged last week. "This month has not only been challenging for Jason but also for family stepping in to help with all our needs," Jason's wife shared on the Pray For Jay Facebook page.


The Weavers continue to ask for your prayers as Jason works on strength, stamina and transports, following Jason's bilateral foot amputations and numerous procedures that were required to curb a serious leg infection. Jason continues to receive daily hyperbaric oxygen treatments to aid in wound healing.

Earlier this month, we shared with you that frontman Mike Weaver's little brother, who plays bass for the band and contributes vocally, required bilateral foot amputations. As the difficult news circulated online and on radio, fellow CCM artists and fans alike offered overwhelming support for Jason, frequently using #PrayForJay and creating a trending topic on Facebook.

A fund has been started to help Jay and his family with out of pocket medical expenses, estimated to exceed $150,000. To learn more, and donate today, please click here. Cards and letters of support can also be submitted via mail to: 3228 Laurel Drive / Gulf Breeze, FL 32563.

Please continue to join us as we pray for Jason, and all those suffering in body, mind and spirit. #PrayForJay

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