Big Daddy Weave's Jason Weaver To Require Two Additional Procedures

As the Christian music community continues to unite in prayer for Big Daddy Weave's Jason Weaver, a Pray For Jay Facebook page has been set up to provide fans with updates and connect them with ways to help.

Last week, we shared with you that frontman Mike Weaver's little brother, who plays bass for the band and contributes vocally, required bilateral foot amputations in an effort to curb serious leg infections. As the difficult news circulated online and on radio, fellow CCM artists and fans alike offered overwhelming support for Jason, frequently using #PrayForJay and creating a trending topic on Facebook.

Over the weekend, Jason required two additional procedure on his right leg to help clean out the area. But, doctors are planning another two procedures this week. Doctors continue to keep a close eye on his kidney function as well, which at last check had shown some improvements. 

A fund has been started to help Jay and his family with out of pocket medical expenses, estimated to exceed $150,000. To learn more, and donate today, please click here. Cards and letters of support can also be submitted via mail to: 3228 Laurel Drive / Gulf Breeze, FL 32563.


UPDATE 6/14 AM: "Yesterday Jason was able to get out of bed and push himself in a wheelchair. The physical therapist also showed Jason a few exercises to start building back his muscle. Update on Jason's feet and infection. The left foot is looking great. It will require no more surgeries. The right foot is looking much better. The infection had started to move up this leg. The doctor was concerned about skin around the inside of right ankle, the back of the foot and his heel. The ankle area has shown the most improvement. Heel and back of foot area are getting better. This is the reason for so many surgeries. The surgeon cleans the ankle area every three days. This is to insure all the infection has been cleared out and to monitor progress of skin. Wednesday will be a wound care procedure. Friday will hopefully be closing the ankle area." 

UPDATE 6/15 AM: "Good news to share! Jason's kidney numbers had their biggest drop today since monitoring began. That's two consecutive days of going down! His white blood cell count is also down, which means his body is no longer fighting infection! This morning while cleaning, the doctor said this is the first day of not seeing any bad stuff. Friday will be the day to close the wounds!"

UPDATE 6/16 AM: "Tomorrow afternoon Jason will have his last surgery. The surgeon will close the area around his right ankle. We are asking for prayers for a successful end to his surgeries."

UPDATE 6/17 AM: "Jason is in recovery from surgery. The surgeon was able to close the area around his right ankle. Jason loves to tell the girls about people he meets on the road. He will tell the girls how God has worked in your lives. And now, you are reading about how God is working in our family. Our middle daughter said at first it was just us praying and now everyone is praying. Wow!"

Please continue to join us as we pray for Jason, and all those suffering in body, mind and spirit. #PrayForJay


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