Big Daddy Weave's Jason Weaver Requires Bilateral Foot Amputations As He Fights Serious Infection

As Big Daddy Weave spoke with members of the media backstage at the K-LOVE Fan Awards, frontman Mike Weaver shared difficult news that his little brother is battling a serious infection. Jay, who plays bass for the band and contributes vocally, has required amputation of both feet over the last three days as doctors try to help curb a leg infection.

[UPDATE: Big Daddy Weave's Jason Weaver To Require Two Additional Procedures]

The band's performance of "My Story" at the Fan Awards was dedicated to Jason, and Mike spoke candidly about his brother's current struggle. "He’s hurting, man...He’s been off the road for a little while and they were treating him in a different way, and we thought it was getting better, but then some days ago it took a bad turn. This comes in a season when we were really seeing God in the miraculous and hearing stories of that all the time. We’re praying for J-dawg, that’s what we call him; his name is Jason, which strangely enough, or purposefully enough, his name means ‘one who heals’."

He continued, "We didn’t see the breakthrough yet, and it’s rough and seems like defeat. I told my dad before we came, ‘how can we sing 'My Story'?’ And he said, ‘because his story is not done yet.’ We’re all in the middle of some kind of thing that God is working out in all of us, but I do know this – God is so good"

Mike added that despite the current challenges, his faith remains unshaken. "It doesn’t mean God doesn’t love Jason because he’s going through this. Jesus said in this life we will have trouble and do not be afraid because He has overcome the world. And there is something about the stuff that we go through in this life and this season that once we step out of this season and into eternity, we no longer have that to respond to anymore. We respond to the garbage and the difficulty in this life in front of Jesus, so we can carry on to Heaven with us an offering to God that can never be made once we are in Heaven. That’s why we give money while we are here because what are you going to do – when you get to Heaven, the streets are made of gold; money is not valuable anymore. There’s no pain in Heaven, so we want to learn how to respond well to that stuff in this life, so we go through it with Jesus. And I’m so proud of my brother because he’s doing that right now."

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Please join us as we pray for Jason, and all those suffering in body, mind and spirit. #PrayForJay

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[Image: Getty Images for K-LOVE]

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