Zach Bolen Announces "1001" Release Date

Zach Bolen has always been a storyteller, whether that’s through his vocalist role in Citizens & Saints or channeling the likes of Bright Eyes and Ryan Adams in his solo offerings. 1001 is Bolen’s first foray into solo territory. Already drawing comparisons to Andy Hull, The Shins and Bright Eyes, the Seattle native’s gritty, bare bones release will prove the artist as a powerful force in the indie music scene.

The epic bearded front man cites the last twelve years of life as the biggest influence on the sound of the record, which dances delicately between Manchester Orchestra range stretches and bouncy Fleetwood Mac melodies. 1001 is timeless yet nostalgic, employing a perfect 90’s vibe.

1001 drops June 3rd, 2016 on BC Music. Fans can preview the new music and pre-order the album today at


1001 track listing
1. 95
2. Stay Runaway
3. What They'll Never Find
4. Holding You Close
5. Leave Me Alone
6. Give It Time
7. Without Conditions
8. I Will Let You Down
9. Carry On

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