Alan Powell Announces Exit From Anthem Lights

Christian pop band Anthem Lights, known for their viral videos and pop medleys, is losing a co-founding band member. Alan Powell, vocalist, guitarist and pianist has announced his exit from the group after 7 years. 

"It is with a very heavy heart, a bittersweet sentiment, that I let you guys know that it is time for me to step away from Anthem Lights," Powell shared in a video post. "We started this band 6...7 years years ago and it has been my life the last 7 years. I had 3 kids since I was in this band. It has meant everything to me. And, I just wanted to first and foremost thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to do something that I believe is meaningful, to do something that fulfills me, to do something that I enjoy. And to [be able to] take care of the people I love doing that. And it's because of the people watching this video. That means more to [me] than I could ever say," he added.

Powell continued, "I think the thing I'll take away from this most of all is these 3 brothers that are sitting here with me. We've spent an immeasurable amount of time together. I have bared my soul to them in ways that I've only done with these 3 guys, and vise versa I believe. They know how much I love them. Our time in the band together is done, but our relationship will be forever." 

Alan will be pursuing a new music opportunity. And, Anthem Lights will continue, with a new band member to be revealed this Thursday at 9pm ET. You can watch the full video announcement below.

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