Danny Gokey Sends New Single To Radio: "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again"

If you're listening to Christian radio, you're likely to hear Danny Gokey's latest single, "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again." Gokey explains the incredible story behind this track saying, "There was a pastor in Ohio who had a heart surgeon who went to his church. One of the things that this pastor wanted to do was see a heart surgery take place. When the day of the surgery came, they rolled the patient in and began to cut her chest cavity open. They took her heart out and they began to repair it. One of the things that they do is they have to restart the heart before they close the chest cavity. And when they began the procedures to start the heart, the heart wouldn't start."

"Finally, the doctor did something so out of textbook and not written down. It was something you really don't do. He knelt down on his knees and said, 'Mrs. Johnson, this is your doctor. We have fixed your heart. We have repaired it. There is nothing wrong with your heart.  Mrs. Johnson if you can heart me, I need you to tell your heart to beat again.' And her heart began to beat again," Danny added. 

You can check out an acoustic performance of the new single below. And, you can hear more from Danny by purchasing Hope In Front Of Me and his new holiday album Christmas Is Here.

We recently had a chance to sit down and talk with the "American Idol" finalist in Pittsburgh, PA, where he offered up some information on his next album. "We are already working on the next album," Gokey announced. "It’s due in June, and we will be releasing it in late September or October." Speaking on his vision for the next record, Danny explained, "We have just started writing. It’s getting a little daunting because I hate being rushed, but we have to keep with the guidelines. It’s a grueling process, because you can’t wait for an idea to hit you, you have to create it. I’ve been asking the Lord, 'what are songs in Heaven that you would release?' He’s the author of music and the author of entertainment. I feel like the world has taken entertainment and they have capitalized on it and used it and abused it. I really feel like I want to rise up to the level."

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