Hennest Goes Viral For His NF-Like Sound On “Alone”

Hennest's latest single has been making waves in the local independent music scene, some even comparing him to NF.

The single was released on Friday, October 11, and is already the rapper’s most successful song to date, racking up over 15,000 streams in its first week. “Alone” is Hennest’s third single released, and his second song with Insyde.

The song is a distinctly Christian song about salvation and redemption, highlighting the struggles many often are going through before coming to Christ. The song starts out on a dark tone of despair, and slowly transitions to a theme of hope, culminating in the pure joy of a saved soul. The insightful and heavy lyrics shine a light on the brokenness and confusion of doubt felt in the unbeliever’s heart before salvation.

The tough subject is sometimes muted and even considered controversial in many Christian circles today, but Hennest aims to help dissipate the stigma associated with pre-salvation experiences.

Hennest started making music in 2019, and quickly caught the eye of popular local musician “Insyde” with his deep themes and insightful rhyme patterns, as displayed in “Interview” and “Moves”, which landed him a prominent feature on one of Insyde’s most popular songs, “Something Real”. Over 2 months and a quarter million streams later, Hennest released “Alone” with the singer, marking the duo’s second single.