Ric Sincere Releases Two Singles

Ric Sincere, co-host of the popular Trackstarz podcast series, reveals the cover art, tracklisting and release date for his forthcoming solo debut Beyond Belief. The set now available for pre-order on Apple Music will be released on Aug. 28 on iTunes and Aug. 31 on all other digital service providers.

Sincere unveils two new songs -- the battle rap collaboration “Spakakulah” feat. Loso and Jeremaya out last Monday and joins Sean David Grant on his song “Off Brand” out Fri., June 29. Sincere premiered “Spakakulah” on the June 23 episode of the Trackstarz podcast in which he discussed the album. 

Sincere wants Beyond Belief to motivate listeners. “I want people to be inspired to chase their dreams and goals and not let the way the world views them dictate how they see themselves,” he says. “I want them to know that my story is not unique. Tons of people were picked on, made fun of, ‘bullied,’ and often times felt invisible, not good enough, and on the edge of some very destructive behavior. But God is faithful and amazing and he can turn your situation from terrible to triumphant. At one point people sung my insults, now I can look at my life and sing his praises. I’m blessed beyond my wildest imaginations.”

Beyond Belief’s first single, “Full Throttle,” feat. Sean David Grant was released in December.

Beyond Belief tracklist
They Think They Know (Intro)
Beautiful Music
School Bus Woes (Skit)
Imagine Me
Full Throttle (feat. Sean David Grant)
A&R (Skit)
Spaktakulah (feat. Loso & Jeremaya)
Humbles the Proud (feat. Miracle) [Interlude]
Rules of Engagement (Skit)
Bad Boy
Nobody Knows
Tell Me (feat. Crys Ricks)
The Challenge [Interlude]
Sunshine Sunshine (Outro)
No Control (feat. Ayo Kia) [Bonus]