Dee Black "Good Day" Music Video Feat. Jered Sanders & Eshon Burgundy

Hisstory Music Groups Dee Black drops a video for his single "Good Day" featuring Jered Sanders and Eshon Burgundy.

The world seems to be in turmoil right now. From rumors of wars and discord among people of all races. We must choose to have a good day despite what is happening around us.

Faith for many brings joy and hope. The thought of knowing that God is still in control is what the song "Good Day" is about. Dee Black with the help of Jered Sanders and Eshon Burgundy encourages you to stay positive and choose to have a good day.

"Good Day" is available at all download and streaming outlets.

Video: Dee Black "Good Day (feat. Jered Sanders & Eshon Burgundy)"