Rapper & Georgetown Hoyas D1 Baseball Player Eric Heron Releases 'Dawn EP'

On Friday May 19th, rap artist Eric Heron released his newest project Dawn EP featuring some of his realest and best music yet.


"This project is the absolute sum of my entire life so far," said Heron. "I've been through the highest of highs, and been through the lowest of lows. I've experienced the darkest of nights, and each time the sun rose the next morning. Every mistake brings a lesson, and every night brings a Dawn."

The EP was available a week prior for preorder and included the infectious title track featuring one of the genre's hottest newcomers, WHATUPRG, who has previously worked with nobigdyl., Lawren, and Mogli the Iceburg. 

Back in January Heron released the widely popular first single, "Be Me," which garnered over 100,000 plays on various platforms and was praised for its creativity and catchy chorus when it debuted on Rapzilla.com. Shot in Miami, the video has the look and feel to make even the coldest weather warm until it can be bumped in cars this summer.

"Be Me" was followed by "Switch it Up," and showed off more of Heron's lyricism as he 'switched up' his flow to let everyone, including himself, it was time to take rap seriously. The video and the single received over 20,000 views since its release in March.

The 23-year-old looks to be one of only a handful of talented student-athletes who are also churning out REAL and IMPACTFUL music that has cultural crossover appeal. This becomes evident on his first EP Aurora and the evolution is ongoing with Dawn. “I want to represent the athlete and music culture and let people know you can chase dreams,” explained Heron. “I want to explore that heavy, submerging those two cultures.”

When he’s not on the diamond or blessing the mic, Heron is also working as a studio engineer/producer and just finished a degree in Economics.

The Miami-born artist spends his time developing his faith by studying the works of Dr. Ravi Zacharias and then trying to apply this spirituality with his life experiences and music.

“I started making music just as I started delving into the gospel. The only music I ever made if not Christian by an adjective, it was definitely conscious of it,” he said to Rapzilla. “I wouldn’t say I make Christian music but I’d be lying to say that every song I’ve ever made has been made with the intention of bringing glory to God or to find God, or search for stuff I’ve been missing my whole life.”