A2J Family Release Their Latest Single "Turn It Up"

Introducing A2J Family – a dynamic contemporary 12 piece Christian group who are doing things their own way. This is no typical Christian sound, but rather a turned up, electronic pop dance act, all mixed together to create their unique genre defining bible beats.

A2J Family is a group of artists signed to A2J Records who have been working on their music since their humble beginnings in 2011. Their debut EP, the soft release One Heartbeat helped them open the doors to their potential and desire to express themselves and their beliefs through their music.

Their brand new album Our Hearts Beat As One features the first single "Turn It Up" – a buzzing power turn up track. Written by group member Torti Ama-Njoku, the poetic and lyrical style of this song is elevated only by the authenticity of its theological background. It is an audio collaboration between Bible and beats, energizing you irrespective of your belief or doubt.

Turn it up is a cross-cultural, modern and passionate gospel banger. It is fun and loud, real and raw


“It is a song about giving up all your struggles and baggage, letting loose and turning your all up to a loving and living God. One who’s waiting to fill you with peace and promise.”

As the lyrics go – “Turn it up...give your heart away...to the one who saves," – we believe everyone is looking for a saviour and the goal is for anyone jamming to this song to get to a place where they are moved to freely let go of their heart and all of it's issues to the one who truly saves!!!

A2J Family is based in South Africa and Botswana but also has members as far afield as Canada.

"Just like the 12 disciples of Jesus’ time, we aren’t perfect. We’re just a group of young people with real lives, real struggles and flaws and a real relationship with Jesus who want His Love to go viral and touch your heart as it did ours".

The misconception that gospel music has to sound a certain way to have an impact or can’t appeal to the masses is as common as it is inaccurate. Gospel music, like any other music, is most impactful when it’s felt so we cross cultures, fuse sounds and styles and break down conventional barriers to reach all ages, speak through all genres and display the array of artistic beauty that is humanity.

Our mantra is “be all things to all men” and want to genuinely build a bond with you through our music.

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