Citizen Way Drops New Single "The Lord's Prayer"

Citizen Way has officially released new music. For the first time since their acclaimed 2.0 album dropped in 2016, Citizen Way has a new single out now. "The Lord's Prayer" is streaming below and is available for download on iTunes.

"We want to encourage you that wherever you are in this life, Jesus knows exactly how you feel," Citizen Way shared when speaking about the inspiration behind this new track. "God is sovereign over everything that is happening in our world and in our lives. If you’re going through a tough season, then sing this song with us."


"The Lord's Prayer" comes from Matthew 6 & Revelation 4. The song was penned by Ben Calhoun almost 7 years ago while on tour with Big Daddy Weave, but was just recently recorded. "We use scripture as the basis for each of our songs because it’s supernaturally powerful in ways that only God’s word can be. These are the words that Jesus taught us to pray. Anytime, anywhere and in any situation. In our world today, the Lord is raising up men and women that will use His own words to stand against the evil that surrounds us. This song reminds us of how to do that."

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