TCB Exclusive: Abigail Duhon Talks "I'm Not Ashamed"

DREAM Records is proud to announce the release of Abigail Duhon's first single, "I'm Not Ashamed". The Actress and Pop Christian music artist recently announced signing to DREAM last month and has been busy promoting the film and her new single ever since. The film and Duhon’s title track are based on Rachel Joy Scott's honest and heartfelt journals. The release of the PureFlix movie will be distributed to theatres nationwide on October 21. Recently, Abigail took some time to answer some of our questions about the film and her song. 

Tell us more about yourself and how you got involved in music and movies.
I am 16 years old and I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana! My family went through a lot during hurricane Katrina and I was only 6 when it happened. But through those hard times, God gave me my first song called "Because Of You," which talked about God always providing for us. And it started a spark into where I am now. I auditioned for iShine on TBN and have toured with them and been on their TV show. My family is now involved in producing faith based films and I love being a part of them. I just signed with Dream Records and looking forward to what God has next for me! 

Tell us more about your role in the upcoming movie, "I'm Not Ashamed."
I play the role of Chloe in the movie. It was so much fun being able to film alongside some of the actors and get to know everyone!

What was the production process like for "I'm Not Ashamed"?
I was on set for a couple of days during the shoot and it was such an amazing experience for me. Everyone was so kind and like a family. This subject is not an easy one to tell, let alone re-live. It was amazing to see the love and joy on set even through filming.

Tell us about previous movies you have been a part of.
I have been a part of Gods Not Dead, Gods Not Dead 2 as Jessica, Caged No More as Elle, Camp Cool Kids as Rosemary, and others!

How did you get involved with "I'm Not Ashamed" the movie?
The producers of the film approached my family about me being in the movie since my message and what I stand for is exactly what this movie is all about.

Tell us about writing your song, "I'm Not Ashamed" and why this message is important to you.
My song "I'm Not Ashamed" means so much to me. It has impacted many and every time I sing it I am just in awe of God. After reading the script I was in tears and God led me to writing a song about it. The lyrics in the song along with mine have Rachel's exact words in it I found in her published diary. It's amazing how God will use us to take the heart of someone else's and your own and make something beautiful out of it.

How has your faith grown in participating in the "I'm Not Ashamed" movie and in writing the title song for the movie?
I was so inspired by Rachel's story. Even after watching the movie for the first time, it reignited me to start living my life every day unashamed of who I am and whose I am. Jesus paid a price for me to live freely and to love and heal those around me. I'm not going to hide the gift he has put inside of me.

What are you most excited about for the release of "I'm Not Ashamed"?
I'm most excited to see the impact it's going to have on my generation and on CChristians. As teens, we go through a lot of judgement and bullying in our schools and it's not easy, especially when you are a Christian. But I feel like this movie is going to open up the eyes of Christians to see that we need to be the light that Jesus was when he was on this earth. People need what we have, even if they don't know it yet. And the amazing thing about this film is that it speaks to everyone, not just Christians. Everyone has something they stand for and that they aren't ashamed about. It will impact people to stand for who they are and what they believe.

Any plans for more music or movies in the near future?
I've been working on some new music, as well as possible upcoming films! Whatever God has planned for me!