Title Published Date
Audrey Assad To Produce Sarah Kroger’s First Full-Length Album 24 July 2018
Audrey Assad Releases 'Evergreen' Amidst 5-Star Acclaim 25 February 2018
Audrey Assad's 'Evergreen' Is A Compilation Of Stirring & Moving Melodic Songs 12 February 2018
Audrey Assad Releases Fourth Single “When I See You” 03 February 2018
Audrey Assad Releases Third Single From 'Evergreen' 12 January 2018
Audrey Assad Releases Second Single From 'Evergreen' 11 November 2017
Brenton Brown Releases Co-Writes With CCM Artists 01 November 2017
Audrey Assad Releases First Single “Deliverer” From New Album 07 October 2017
The Porter’s Gate Releases Debut Album October 6 15 September 2017
Audrey Assad Launches PledgeMusic Pre-Order Campaign For New Album 10 July 2017
Multi-Artist 'Beatitudes' Album Launches Preorder With Instant Downloads 07 April 2017
Matt Maher & Audrey Assad's "Oh Mercy" From 'Beatitudes' Album Debuts 07 April 2017
Audrey Assad Speaks Out On Importance Of Welcoming Refugees 14 February 2017
Beatitudes Album Featuring Industry-Leading Artists Releases April 21 10 February 2017
Audrey Assad & Andrew Peterson Launch “The Edge Of Dawn Tour” Feb. 25 24 January 2017
Audrey Assad Releases "Inheritance Deluxe Edition" October 7 01 September 2016
Audrey Assad Joins “We Welcome Refugees” Movement 21 June 2016
Audrey Assad, Onething Conference, Live Recording Foster Christian Unity 20 April 2016
Audrey Assad’s “Holy, Holy, Holy” Hits Radio Today 15 March 2016
Audrey Assad’s "Inheritance" Becomes Her Biggest Selling Album Debut 22 February 2016