Exclusive: Thomas Muglia Previews Personal & Conversational ‘I Have A Father’ Album


OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) has welcomed contemporary Christian artist and worship leader, Thomas Muglia to their roster. The 23-year-old Arizona native is making his label debut with his album I Have A Father, which released on February 25, 2022. The full-length project is live. Produced by Paul Moak (Matt Kearney, Third Day, Martha Wainwright, Matthew Mayfield) and recorded in Moak’s iconic studio The Smoakstack in Nashville, Tenn., industry executives have taken note of the American Idol Alumni who has an extensive catalog of over 300 worship songs. I Have A Father will take listeners on the young artist’s very personal prayer journey with each song being a monumental moment in his spiritual walk.

Born with moderate to severe hearing loss, Muglia grew up in a musical family and quickly learned how to feel, play, and read music at a young age. Under his dad’s leadership in the Church, he began playing and singing for the congregation. Through his teen years, Thomas spent his spare time playing renditions of his favorite pop songs in school talent shows or coffee shops. It wasn’t long after, in Campus Ministry during college, he discovered a passion for honest songwriting and music that speaks to the heart. In 2019, Muglia recorded his first independent album The Return and not long after that, he was sought after by OCP to publish some of his songs, which quickly expanded with him being signed to the publishing company and the creation of I Have A Father.

I Have A Father showcases Muglia’s prayerful and heartfelt songwriting combined with powerful melodies and dynamic instrumental textures. His lyrics strive to reflect honestly on all aspects of a relationship with God and the Christian walk of faith. In this TCB Exclusive, Thomas reflects on his experiences as a young Christian that inspired these songs and the three-year journey leading up to the album’s release.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of I Have A Father! How long was this project in the making?
Thanks for having me! It’s exciting to be able to share this album. It’s been 3 years for this particular project if I think back to when the earliest song was written. The whole past three years have been a dedicated time of writing. The past year has been dedicated to recording it and getting everything as good as it can be. The past six months have been putting it out. So it’s been a long process.

For you, what is the unifying theme that brings all the tracks together?
The unifying theme for these songs is that they are personal and conversational between me and God. I was involved in a great campus ministry in college called St. Paul’s Outreach and through that I lived with a bunch of other Catholic guys my age and we just tried to live the Christian faith together. We tried to have daily prayer lives and have outreach events. 100% of these songs came from that time period of my life. I was a young Christian. I’ve grown up in the church, but that five years of college was really when I started to own my faith and started to know Christ. So all of these songs are unified through that. They’re all very conversation and take place in the first person and are me praying to God. It’s almost as if they are reading my prayer journal if they are listening through the album.

Since it was written over the course of several years, did you realize you were writing the last song for the album when you did?
I don’t think I did know. I think it was a blessing to have other people have say in the project. I got signed by a publisher and they do some record label stuff, and through that there were people who helped pick the songs. I came to them with 50 or more and we made an album from them.

As this is your debut label full-length project, how does it share who you are as an artist?
It feels like me. These eleven songs on this project are personal and my emotions and conversation with God. But then the sounds too are very much my sound. My first project was a little more experimental and me taking existing prayers and drawing inspiration from outside sources. This one is very much my own thoughts put to music.

Is there a lyric or track on the project that you think the world most needs to hear now in its current state?
I think there are a couple. One that stands out to me is from “Let My Tongue Be Silenced.” The line is “let my tongue be silenced if I ever forget you Lord.” I think that’s a really powerful thing and something that as Christian musicians and ministers we should keep in the front of our minds.

How are you looking to define success for this project?
I think this project is successful if people listen to this and relate to it. We, me and the team at OCP and producer Paul Moak and all the musicians, put a lot of energy and thought into how we can make this the most authentic project this can be and people will connect to. We want people to hear their own stories or want to know God in that way. So if those outcomes happen, it will be successful in my mind.

You released some instant grat tracks ahead of the full project’s release. Has there been a theme in the listener feedback that you perhaps weren’t expecting?
I have been surprised at the songs that people are grabbing on to. Those ones are the ones that are more prayerful and reflective. There are some high-energy tracks on this project, but also a couple that are introspective. So those seem to be the ones that people are grabbing on to.

Who, or what, is currently providing inspiration for you, either musically or spiritually?
Usually, my inspiration comes from my prayer life – walking the walk of the Christian faith. Every now and then I’ll write an indie track, but as a writer, I just sit down and write about what’s on my heart. My closeness to God and walking with Christ is what inspires it – whatever season of life I’m in. On the other hand, when I am really experiencing the joy of being in God’s presence. It’s a daily prayer that drives my songwriting.

What are you most expectant for in 2022?
I am excepting change. This has been a 3 year process and it’s been a big item on my to-do list to get the songs written, album recorded, and get the songs out there. And now it’s time to share that with people and share that intentional time and effort put into these songs and let them hit people. I think it will be a different rhythm and focus – less production and preparation and more sharing.






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