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Exclusive: Fellowship Creative Focuses On Mental Health With ‘The Help Project’


Fellowship Creative is a group of artists and songwriters from Dallas who are passionate about music, Jesus, their local church, and helping people. Their new album, THE HELP PROJECT, is set to release on September 22, 2023. Distributed through The Harmony Group, the LP’s mission is to empower and support the younger generation who are struggling with their mental health. THE HELP PROJECT is unlike any other album the music collective has released. With a mission outreach focus, the group intends for the music to help people in any difficult season they are going through, whether it is mental health, identity struggles, or family life. Furthermore, this new record draws inspiration from so many different genres, cultures, and even decades, creating a fusion of things near and dear to Fellowship’s heart. Their hope is that listeners not only enjoy this collection but also find encouragement in taking a look inward and recognizing that their solution, answer, and help come from Jesus.

Congratulations on your recent releases of “HELP!!!”. Please share a bit of the thematic inspiration behind this track’s creation.
This song and project is a response to what our world is experiencing today. We have a passion to see change in our world. There are so many crazy things going on and so much everyone is struggling with. This project is really about recognizing we all need help and who that help comes from.

Musically, “HELP!!!” is an alternative track. Why was it important to pair this sound with the lyrics/message?
Lyrically, this song is not like anything we’ve released in the past so we knew the musical production had to feel just as different. It’s sonically inspired by so many different genres, decades, and even cultures.

“HELP!!!” is the first single of the group’s project due out soon. How does this track preview the full project?
“HELP!!!” was originally inspired by some negative feedback on a social media post by our pastor Ed Young of Fellowship Church. The message of his post was simple: Jesus is our only answer. The comment went something like this: “How could a man that lived two thousand years ago solve the problems of this era?” There’s so much hurt and suffering in this world. Most days it feels like the world has completely turned upside down. There are far more questions than answers. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t have it all figured out, but through this song we wanted to remind ourselves and our listeners that there’s truly only one answer and that is Jesus.

The collective has been very open about mental health, and has even launched TheHelpProject.com, as another source for youth. Why is this population so important, and personal, to the collective?
We’ve seen firsthand through our church, our youth ministry, and even in our own families the struggle the youth is going through right now. They’re having to navigate things no other generation has had to navigate before. We’ve seen mental health in our young people, and older as well, take a huge toll from social media and so much more. We want everyone to know that they’re not alone in their struggle. 

You just released a new song “PHONE SONG.” Tell us the story behind that song? 
‘PHONE SONG.’ was inspired by a young girl in our youth ministry that had to go some time without her phone which led to anxiety and what even looked and felt like withdrawals. If we’re honest with ourselves, we can all admit that we are far too dependent and distracted by technology. We pray this song inspired you to disconnect for a bit in order to reconnect with Jesus.

Which track from the upcoming project are you most anticipating sharing widely with new listeners?
We’re incredibly proud of every song from this project, it would be so hard to name just one. We are extremely excited, however, to share ‘HELP!!!’ and ‘WHO WE R.’ just being that they are so different from what we’ve released before and we just believe in the message behind them so passionately. 

Can you share a bit behind the group’s expectations of impact for this project?
We pray this project will encourage people and help people. We hope that God can use these songs to start a very important conversation. We pray each and every one of these songs toward help and ultimately towards a relationship with Jesus, our only help.

Finally, would you like to close with a personal message, or prayer, for those you hope come in contact with this project?
You’re not alone. It’s okay to need help. I need help. You need help. We all need help. Whatever you are going through right now, whatever your battle is, you are loved authentically and unconditionally by God. He has a plan and a purpose for your life and He is where are true help comes from. 






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