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Exclusive: DOE On Honest Moments That Inspired ‘Clarity’


Chart-topper DOE has created a dynamic new album with soulful encouragement and musical vitality on CLARITY, out now. Released by Jonathan McReynolds’ Life Room Label in partnership with RCA Inspiration, the three-time GRAMMY nominee has debuted a full-length album of eleven tracks, featuring songs like her #1 hit Gospel radio single “Brighter,” “Clarity,” “Mercy,” and “So Good,” the current single out at CCM radio. DOE, who has garnered praise for her radiant vocals, instrumental and songwriting talents as a standout performer and fresh voice to watch, also fully steps into performing, writing, and producing on CLARITY as a solo artist. In this TCB Exclusive, DOE talks about the honest moments that inspired the album’s title and how she hopes the project encourages listeners to fully accept who God calls them to be.

Congratulations on the release of your new music this month! Can you talk about Clarity and the meaning behind the project’s title?
‘Clarity’ has to do with the underlying consistent message throughout the entire album. There’s so much that I’ve learned and so many areas that I’ve grown in and so much character that I’ve developed over the past 2 years. I feel like these changes came as a result of my getting moments of clarity and realization and then making decisions to embrace change. I’m very honest on this album, so I feel like the word “clarity” sums up the message of the entire album. I’m excited for people to hear the title track, too!

For you, what is the unifying message that ties the tracks into a project? Did this evolve as you worked through the creation process?
The unifying message of this project is encouraging listeners to fully accept who God called them to be so they can surrender all of themselves to God, and therefore, be used by Him at a greater level. There’s a song called ‘Mercy’ where I talk about my understanding of God’s grace and mercy and share how I learned that even when I’m disappointed in myself, I’m still called and still loved by Him. Also, in the song ‘Clarity,’ I sing about stripping off the pressures that came with being a pastor’s daughter.

Which lyric do you think the world most needs to hear now in its current state?
Performance can’t buy you love” from the song ‘I Try’ is probably my favorite line on the whole album. A close second is actually an ad lib on ‘Clarity’ when I say, “If they leave, let them go. If they stay, then you know that you’re loved.” I was encouraging listeners to take off their masks and be themselves, but understand that the people who can’t handle that transformation may not be meant to walk into the next season with you.

You’ve pre-released a few tracks ahead of the full project. What listener feedback have you gotten, perhaps that you weren’t expecting?
I wasn’t expecting to hear this, but people have told me that I articulated so well what they haven’t had the ability to say about their life’s processes, and that’s so encouraging to me because that’s what I always want to do – help give people language for where they are in the most honest way possible.

How are you looking to define success for this collection?
Success would be measured in numbers for this project because I am definitely hoping that more people consume my music than in previous times, but I would also love an overwhelming positive response to the message I was trying to communicate. I’m praying that there are even deeper messages that I didn’t know were hidden within the songs and that nothing gets misconstrued or misunderstood. I would call ‘Clarity’ a success if God speaks to people through the lyrics in more ways than I could even write.

In addition to new music, you also have launched a docu-series, “This is DOE.” Can you share how this opportunity came to be?
The label (Life Room) presented the idea for the docu-series because they felt it was a good idea to introduce DOE (or Dominique) to the public, so that they could include experiencing getting to know me as a person and my journey into their experience of listening to my music. I think it gives them a better understanding behind the songs.

Who or what is currently providing inspiration for you, either musically or spiritually?
Living life is providing inspiration for me right now! It’s so unexpected that it’s just enough inspiration – meeting people, loving people, walking through life situations, heartbreak, misunderstandings, disappointments, victories, blessings, joyous occasions – just all of the things that come with living life.

What are you most expectant for in 2022?
2022 is going to be my best year yet because I’m going to continue on the journey with forward motion. I feel like I left and laid aside weights that were weighing me down in 2021 and stepped into this year with a lighter heart and a greater understanding of the Father’s love. I cannot wait to keep living life from that revelation!






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