Exclusive: Dante Bowe Reflects On Historic Year & Previews 2022 Plans


Multi-platinum selling performer and award-winning songwriter Dante Bowe has had a historic year, most recently highlighted by breaking the record for the greatest number of simultaneous nominations in the Best Gospel Performance/Song category at the 64th GRAMMY Awards. His nominations include solo singles “Voice of God” and “joyful.” as well as a nod for songwriting on Elevation Worship and Maverick City Music’s “Wait On You.” Earlier this year, Dante released his sophomore album and Bethel Music label debut, circles.  The incredibly personal album quickly shot to the top of the charts, debuting at No. 7 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart. The lead single, ‘joyful,’ reached No. 2 on Billboard’s Gospel Digital Song Sales and No. 3 on Hot Gospel Songs, making it the highest solo charting position of his career. The follow up single, ‘family tree,’ premiered on BET marking his first televised debut. And next spring, Dante will join four-time GRAMMY Award winning duo for KING & COUNTRY on the road for the ‘What Are We Waiting For? – The Tour.” In this TCB Exclusive, Dante reflects on his historic year and previews his plans for 2022.

First, I want to congratulate you on your recent GRAMMY nominations! I’m not sure if you remember but when we spoke back in April of this year, you said you were most expectant to be nominated for a GRAMMY this year. How has receiving those nominations resonated with you?
Thank you so much! I didn’t remember that! I think I was speaking in faith. I wasn’t really that confident. It’s definitely something as a musician that you aspire to have one day, not knowing if it is even possible. It’s just something you say and hope for. But being nominated feels surreal and shows me my work isn’t going unnoticed. 

In other recent news, you will be joining for KING & COUNTRY on their spring 2022 tour. Can you share what stage of planning you’re in for those nights? Is there something already on your heart for the theme or main message of your time sharing?
I will say that we have a theme for the night. I’m going to be creating this whole digital thing. I can’t go into too much detail, but I’m going to talk to everything in my life, Maverick [City Music], Bethel [Music], to my relationship with my family and Jesus. Everything is going to be a part of this show, an open view into my life.

In addition to your solo career, you are also instrumental with Maverick City Music, who has also had a big year. Can you share why that group is so important to you personally?
I started it with some friends – Tony and JJ, Chandler, myself, Naomi, and Brandon Lake. But it started with friends out of a pure place to write some songs. Our idea was going to be to pitch these songs to other artists because at the time we weren’t artists, officially. And then we ended up recording them ourselves. And that’s how Maverick City became Maverick City. So they mean a lot to me, and are family.

We’ve talked a lot about collaborations and working with other artists. Are there any artists you haven’t worked with yet whom you would love to write or record with?
Lauren Daigle – I’m going to work with her. She’s dope. And Kirk Franklin – I like him a lot. He’s dope. Those are two that I’m working on. And there is one that is going to come out soon that I’m also excited for. 

With it being a few days until Christmas, can you share one of your favorite traditions or what speaks Christmas to you?
Right now in my house, there is a tree. We have Christmas music playing, my girlfriend is over here cooking breakfast. My friends are here wrestling. My nephew and sister are coming up. So all these things tell me I’m off of work and enjoying the holidays, which makes me feel festive.

Where are you currently drawing inspiration from?
I’m always drawing inspiration from the people around me – my friends and their ideas. One of my best friends, Seth, is my photographer, and Graham, does photography for me as well. They’ve been very instrumental in this last season planning for the for KING & COUNTRY show. I’m also planning for recordings soon. And we’ve been just dreaming with each other, rather than pulling from outside people.

Looking back on all you accomplished in 2021, what has surprised you the most?
I really don’t know. I think I expected some of this to happen because I’ve been so diligent. But I was surprised when K-LOVE called to have me perform my song the year before it was even nominated. That was really cool. And I didn’t expect to make history with GRAMMYs. And I didn’t expect to make history with being the first song on Gospel and CCM radio at the same time. I didn’t know that those were even things that I was working toward, or goals. So those were surprising!

What are you most expectant for looking toward 2022?
I’m most expecting a sold out tour. We are working on that and I’m very excited for it!






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