Zach Williams 'Rescue Story' Displays His Unique Sound & Impactful Message

Review Rating: Must Listen! [4.7 / 5]

The ten songs found on the aptly titled Rescue Story (courtesy of Sony Music/PLG) from Zach Williams were produced by Jonathan Smith and are a reflection of where Williams' life was 20 years ago to now, to the moments and places that he didn't even realize God was involved. Writing music and playing guitar spanning for more than two decades, it was when Williams completely gave his life to Christ that everything changed and he knew he'd found his calling. He now has a renewed vision of who he is as an artist, a songwriter, and a performer. Rescue Story, is a soulful, gospel, and country mix that features powerful songs with an impactful message. Ever since releasing Chain Breaker, Williams has continued to be a chart-topping artist with hit songs, and there is no doubt that the tracks on Rescue Story will do the same. 

“Less Like Me” is the second track off of this ten track new release. Starting off with a drum beat and an organ pad, this song is all about being more like Jesus. In the chorus, Williams sings of different character traits that are more like Jesus, and less like our sinful human nature. The bridge is the peak of the song with the lyrics and with musical aspects, such as strong piano chords that build with intensity. This song is an encouragement to every Christian during their everyday walk with the Lord.

“Rescue Story” is the title track of the album and highlights the main message that Williams wants to share with his listeners on this record. A slower song, “Rescue Story” talks about how Jesus rescues us from our sin, intertwined with beauty and grace that could only be found in the hands of our Savior. Musically, this song has more of a gospel feel to it with a choir providing the background vocals for most of the song. 

“There Was Jesus” features an iconic voice in country music, Dolly Parton. Her voice adds a particular country sound that brings about a musical comfort to the song through her harmonization with Williams' deep, distinctive voice. This song talks about how Jesus is always there for us, during the good times and the bad times. The lyrics are a beautiful reminder that the strength we need for difficult times can only be found in Jesus.

Zach Williams continues to build on his unique and individual sound with his latest release, Rescue Story. Particularly on this album, Williams reminds his listeners of their own personal rescue story and testimony. Rescue Story is bound to be a chart success with a compelling sound and impactful message, so make sure you give it a listen and be encouraged today!