Leeland’s 'Better Word' Contains Inspiring Melodies Interwoven With Powerful Lyrics

Review Rating: Add It To My Playlist! [4.5 / 5]

Leeland has released a new live album, Better Word. This record features fifteen tracks with a couple of spontaneous songs as well. Each song features simple, yet profound lyrics that reflect a powerful theme. This album highlights upbeat, slow songs – songs that are a rarity in the worship industry - which are filled with lyrics that serve as simple reminders. Leeland does a fantastic job with this album through powerful lyrics and inspiring melodies.

The first song off of the album is “Inhabit”, which showcases an upbeat chorus. Starting with a rhythmic acoustic guitar and clapping, this song leads into the main lyrics, “our praise becomes Your house, Your place.” This song is all about knowing that God inhabits “the praises of your people” and praising the Lord because of His faithfulness. The upbeat and lyrically fast pre-chorus quickens the pace of the praise and settles with the chorus. While this song is lyrically simple, the words encourage the worshipers to remember that the Lord is always with us during our praise.

“Way Maker” is the first slower song of the album, starting with a piano melody. The verses carry the reminder that the Lord is here, moving and working among us. The lyrics of the chorus are all words that describe the Lord, “Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness.” Sometimes the best worship songs simply have the worshipers sing about who the Lord is, to remind us on the difficult days and even on the good days. This is represented well in “Way Maker.” The bridge brings up a powerful reminder that even when we do not see the Lord, He is still working. The bridge is played multiple times, each building up gradually until the chorus is sung again. 

“Better Word”, the title track of the album, begins with a keyboard synth pad, rhythmic strums, and a piano melody. This song calls out as a reminder of the better word that comes because of what Jesus did on the cross. Like all of the other songs on Better Word, this song also features that wonderful reminder.

Leeland’s recent release, Better Word demonstrates deep, profound lyrics that yet are still so simple and gradually building melodies that lead the worshipper into the heart of the Lord. Overall, this worship album shines a new light in the worship industry, as this record has different qualities than your typical worship album.